Friday, February 17, 2006

Dag Confesses at Last.

Cleric offers reward for killing Prophet cartoonist

A Pakistani cleric offered a 1.5 million rupee (€28,000) reward and a car for anyone who kills the cartoonist who drew Prophet Mohammed.

Alright, I confess. I drew the cartoons of Mohammed. I'm now going to kill myself. Please send the check to my mailing address, 8 Rechov Olitzion, Yaffo, Hated Zionist Entity. Thank you.

Yup, I'm killing myself right now. It really hurts. Send that cash, fellow, I'm dying. The pain. The pain. I'll never draw again cause I'm dying. I think I'm already dead. Is the money in the post yet? I'm pretty dead already.


max said...

Hi Dag!

I am now a Mohammed Prophet catoonist as well. Pleas ask them to put a reward on my head as well. My family needs the money.

Check out my site.

Mohammed Roger

eyesallaround said...

LOL! What a great idea! Someone should print T-shirts that simply say "I'm the cartoonist. Send check to _______________" And you can fill in your mailing address:>) lmao!

rafa said...

Dag, before you kill yourself, could you link my site to yours?

max said...

Actually, I am now a Mohummed cartoonist, as far as being a catoonist, I am really a dog person.

undead ed said...

I am afraid Dag is dead - at least that is what he keeps telling me.

He is sending me messages through the ether (100BaseT to be exact) that he is now awaiting the arrival of his check.

He assures me that he is burning in Hell for his transgressions against Islam BUT he says he met Mohammed down there and they are both enjoying a good laugh at the situation.

Oh, by the way, Dag says he wants the check sent to:

General Delivery
Undead Ed
Vancouver, BC Canada


Undead Ed

dag said...

Hey, wait a minute! They promised me a car too. I want a nice one. It's not going to one of those exploding in the market place cars is it? And I want a car that gets good mileage. A red car, convertable, one that'll attrack some chicks. I ain't stupit, y'know. Sheesh.