Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama gang calls SWAT team on Tea Party Grrrls

Obama calls SWAT team on Tea Party in Quincy, Il.

You have to see the photos to get how ugly is this government of ours:

You go, girls!


truepeers said...

But they're RACISTS!! I guess there are some cops dumb enough to prefer hassling grannies than putting life and limb on the line chasing real criminals.

But I guess this is ulimately doubly stupid on the regime's part. Which way do you think the odds just shifted that when push comes to shove the cops will or will not shove their sticks up Obamabotbutt?

Dag said...

It's pretty good: the media and the Obama political sphere have been going crazy on the idea of the Tea Parties being racist lunatics bent on terrorism like McVeigh, so what was there to do but send out the riot squad? If the tea Parties are so bad, the state pretty well had to make it look like they're taking the threat seriously. Unfortunately for the State, well, for a guy my age those babes look pretty hot-- but not too terrifying. The state has to look smart now, and that's getting harder all the time. Scared of "these" girls? Ha. The closest thing we see to a terrorist among that lot is a guy with a bottle of Viagra.