Monday, April 26, 2010

Everybody Else Draw Mohammed!

The woman who started "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" is quitting. Not everyone is a hero. Not every quiet person is a coward. And not everyone who wants to draw Mohammed has my astounding artistic abilities. We do our best.

The Seattle artist whose anti-censorship cartoon has helped spawn "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" says she wants no part of the May 20 event, which is gaining momentum online.

"I made a cartoon that went viral but [this campaign] isn't really my thing," cartoonist Molly Norris tells Comic Riffs, characterizing her cartoon as merely a personal response to Comedy Central's censorship of a "South Park" episode last week. "Other folks have taken it over" -- an appropriation she says she is distancing herself from.

Postings on the Islamic website led to Comedy Central's editing last week of a "South Park" speech about fear and intimidation, the show's creators have said. That network censorship has spawned another cartoon event: Everybody Draw Muhammad Day -- a campaign that might not be so easily quieted.


The growing campaign now includes a Facebook page titled Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. On Saturday night, the page had fewer than 1,500 "confirmed guests"; as of Monday morning (ET), the page was nearing 6,000 signed-up guests.

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Biz said...

Too late Molly Norris ... you started it ... we'll finish it ... your name will go down in history ... thank you.

Anonymous said...

I understand your blog, but these guys do have a point:

Dag said...

Molly Norris got into something too big for her, and she wants out. I can understand that, and more, I can step up to the plate and swing on her behalf. Let's all do that for those who really can't. No point now in slagging her. Let's you and me and others all do our part to "Draw Mohammed" into the open so girls like Molly can live lives of normalcy and relative peace.

Dag said...

Anonymous, you might find more audience interest if you were to write in your own voice and express your own concerns about this issue. You don't have to be a clever writer or a deep thinker to make a strong impact. I recall some of the most moving writing I have ever encountered coming from two people post-9-11, people who had lost family members to jihadi terrorism, both people barely literate, and yet so beautifully expressive that I could have wept and at the same time destroyed those who had caused these people such grief. You don't have to reach fro such profundity either. Just write honestly, and the world will give you a hearing. Cutting and pasting isn't respectful of our readers.

So write. Let us know the honest you.

Molly said...

Thanks you guys.

Dag said...

Molly Norris has given us all a great chance to do our thing for a big benefit. I thank her for that. And I wish her well in her life.

Good luck to you, Molly.

Sincerely, Dag.