Saturday, May 01, 2010

"God of Carnage" Postponed by Car Bomb in Times' Square. May Day. May Day.

I'm asking, "What's my motivation?"

A failed car bomb shut down Times Square on Saturday night, causing panic, evacuations and confusion on one of the tourist spot's busiest and most crowded nights.

Police said a Nissan Pathfinder at West 45th Street and Seventh Avenue was loaded with a bomb made of electrical components, three propane gas tanks and two additional gas canisters. They received the call about the suspicious vehicle around 6:30 p.m. and blocked the area from West 43rd to 47th streets along Broadway and Seventh Avenue wwith metal railings. Parts of 48th Street were also closed.

Wall Street Journal.

"A law enforcement source said police found propane cylinders and a gas can among the items. The source said these could be supplies used by street vendors."


Mr. Browne said gunpowder had been found in the vehicle, but not a high-grade explosive. The timing device was a clock attached to wires. The gasoline was in cans and there appeared to be two or three propane tanks.

A federal official said that domestic security officials had been informed that the event did not appear to be a terrorist threat. The official referred all requests for additional information to New York City police.

Mr. Barry said that if it had functioned, “it would be more of an incendiary event” than an explosion.

The Lion King and God of Carnage and a couple of other Broadway plays at Times Square were postponed. That gets much coverage in the press. I felt I should mention it too, given how important it is in a story about a car bomb in Times Square on a Saturday evening. Like Dustin Hoffman playing a Tomato for a commercial in the movie Tootsie, I have to ask, as a serious actor: "What's my motivation?"

You know how hard it is to find parking in Tinytown, Kansas? Well, try finding that perfect spot in Manhattan on a Saturday evening.

Comment from Jason, 02 May 2010 3:44p.m:

This was next to 1515 Broadway, Viacom/MTV Networks. MTV Networks includes Comedy Central, which broadcasts South Park.

[Dag-Note: Comedy Central Studios 513 W 54 St (11th Ave) See: Viacom Inc]

Here is a sampling of commentary from Canada, the famous CBC and its deepest thinkers in the comments section on the above story.

Busy as a bee, Bobbie Bees writing at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) leaves this comment for the world and posterity:

Sounds to me like a CIA ploy to divert attention away from the Gulf of Mexico fiasco.
Making a car bomb can't be that hard, after all they seem to go off in the Midle East like clockwork, yet this one just 'smoked?' Sounds more like a smoke screen. Oh well, gotta keep the paranioa going somehow, right?"

Read more:

Vinnie Twocents adds this-- because he must:

I must say, this story reeks of "false flag event". Now, who would want to fill an SUV with gasoline, propane, wire and explosives and then let it sit in Times Square, to be "discovered" after an emergency call stating the vehicle was on fire. "Suspicious" indeed.

Thanks Vinnie. That was special.

Truth Must Be Told tells us this, (no foolin'):

would NOT be surprised at all if this was a government set plan to keep fear within the people!

Montag, the loneliest man in washing machine repair land, weighs in with this bit of recycled and brain-washed wisdom:

Those who support the corporatist agenda will stop at nothing to keep us in fear and their lackeys in power.

NSENG1, so far beyond genius that I am stumped, writes:

So what, all cars have gasoline and wires. That's how they work... If you happen to be barbecueing, you may also have propane...

Buba Buba, working his gumb-gumbs to the bone-bone, writes:

"Thank you Rush Limbaugh!"

No, Thank YOU, Buba Buba. I wonder, though, if you didn't get an auto-link because you misspelled your name. It should have been "Booba-Booba." Right, bubba?

And that, of the 18 comments so far from the tax-payer-funded national news machine in Canada, excluded a couple of really stupid comments.

Will up-date as I can.


Dag said...

I'm seeing a lot of comments saying that the car bomb is "amateurish," which leads me to wonder if our government in its wisdom intends to give lessons in proper car-bomb techniques so jihadis won't feel inferiou to normal people, or if perhaps our government might not instead import professionals from Muslim nations who can make proper car bombs without further training.

All this, of course, at this early stage in the game, assuming that it is jihadis who made a bomb like the ones used misused on attacks in London's nightclub district and Glasgow's airport. You know, as the CBC commentator pointed out, it could be some guy who was street camping and his bar-b-que got out of hand. Don't go jumping to conclusions, as Obama would say.

Ms. Doubt49 said...

Ummmm well thank goodness it was a foiled man made disaster. As for no known motivation...hahahahahaha

truepeers said...

But on May Day? maybe it was a trade unionist Jihadi, a mad Marxist Mullah...? A disapointed would-be May Queen from New Jersey? Then again, what do I know other than to run to the sound of the guns...

truepeers said...

Did you see this classic at Pajama's? On that razor's edge between complete insanity and perfect parody...