Saturday, March 01, 2008

The whole world is watching! Go, Wilders, Go!

"As I have said numerous times before, Geert Wilders does not represent the Dutch Constitution with his anti-Islam ideas (reminiscent of 1930s Nazi-Germany). He is a traitor to the Crown, and does not deserve to carry our passport, to sing our national anthem, or to hold our flag up high. As far as I'm concerned, the Dutch government declares him a persona non grata. He is a threat to our country - just like any other terrorist, fascist, or racist. He should not be welcome here."

It might not come as a surprise that the photograph of the author above seems to be that of a nerdy six year old.

We wait anxiously for the release of Wilder's fifteen minutes of fame to come to our homes and into our lives, and some are taking it as a fearsome thing. What will the Muslims do? Will they kill innocent Dutch people? Will Muslims boycott the Dutch economy? Will they attack Dutch stewardesses on planes landing in Muslim nations? These are the questions dogging the Dutch. And, of course, what to do with Wilders?

I say, "Go, Wilders, Go!"
The whole world is watching.

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