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Flatlanders' Lost Horizon

Geert Wilders gets Muslim death threats, again; Dutch local government apologizes for outrage; and Dutch Catholic Television protests hate.

Except it's not exactly like that. Wilders and the Dutch people in general are now being targeted by Al Qaeda for terror. A local Dutch government is apologizing to residents for outraging them to the point the locals burned down a social engineering project. To make things clear to the world concerned about terrorism, the Catholic tv. station KRO is making a film about-- Violence in the Bible! Whatever the Dutch put in the pot must be some mighty strong stuff.

Credible reports claim that Wilders' film will be out in March. There's been a bit of scoffing, of wondering if he actually had a film in the works at all. Now it seems pretty likely we'll see it. Not that it makes any great deal of difference. Many people on many sides of this issue don't care at all about the film itself, only about making points within their communities, i.e. Muslims and Left dhimmi fascists.

The Film

Alexandra Hudson, "Dutch lawmaker says anti-Koran film almost finished." AMSTERDAM, Reuters); 27 Feb 2008.

A politician making an anti-Koran film that has stirred Muslim outrage, brought him death threats and alarmed the Dutch government said on Wednesday the movie would be finished this week.

So it's coming. As expected, the Muslims are in a snit. But if this seems bad, wait till the Dutch reactions show (further along here.)

The Death Threats

'Al Qaeda Fatwa against MP Wilders'

AMSTERDAM, 28/02/08 - The terrorist network Al-Qaeda has given orders for the assassination of MP Geert Wilders, newspaper De Telegraaf reports. The Party for Freedom (PVV) leader must be 'slaughtered', the orders say, because he has insulted Islam and the prophet Mohammed.

The newspaper based its report on a recent message on a protected web forum of internet site, which De Telegraaf claims is affiliated with Al-Qaeda. The internet threat, which was posted on 28 January, was intercepted by the American research institute SITE Intelligence Group, the newspaper reports.

"In the name of Allah, we ask you to bring us the neck of this unbeliever who insults Islam and the Muslims and ridicules the prophet Mohammed," the site says about Wilders, according to the newspaper.

The message honours Mohammed Bouyeri as a hero. This Amsterdam-born Moroccan Muslim cut Islam-critic Theo van Gogh's throat on 2 November 2004. The message also appeals for readers to "terrorise" the Netherlands to prevent Wilders' controversial film on the Koran from being broadcast.

Wilders says his film is finished, and only still needs to be edited. He will try to show the film via an official broadcaster. He expects the negotiations to last between several days and several weeks.

Wilders has set up a separate website where his Koran film will be shown in any event. The host of this site,, is located in the United States. Wilders also plans to put the film on the YouTube website.

The film takes place within the Koran, Wilders earlier explained, with the book opening and showing the viewer images of atrocities allegedly inspired by the verses. It lasts about 15 minutes and ends with a picture of the prophet Mohammed, to which "something happens", he added.
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In looking at this piece below I think that if I were the Pope I'd hang these losers from lamp posts. It's not a one-off weirdness (see "Tiny Munchkin" or "Lent is the Christian Ramadan,") from a batch of particularly devastating pot. This is the Dutch way of it.

The Dhimmi Hippies

Dutch TV Network Makes Movie Showing Violence in the Bible

The KRO Dutch television network is preparing a movie on the Bible as a reaction to the movie on the Quran and violence being produced by Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV). The movie will link Biblical texts about violence and intolerance to recent events.

Geert Wilders is making a film about the Koran as hate literature. Fair enough. So that prompts Dutch Catholic Television to make a film about violence in the Bible. I see. I see through the pot smoke, darkly.

The Katholieke Radio Omroep (Catholic Radio Broadcast) is a Dutch public broadcaster that was founded on 23 April 1925 and commonly broadcasts on Nederland 1. It is a broadly catholic broadcaster with spiritual interests. KRO also manages the broadcasts of RKK. Its magazines are Studio KRO Magazine and Mikro gids.

What is the average non-pot-smoked-to-Shangri-La-oblivion Dutch resident to do? They created their own smoke-up! It's one thing to want to hang the umpire, and it's a whole nother thing to go out and burn down a building. One is ill-tempered; the other will get you a sympathetic hearing from the local politicians. Ya gotta wonder what these folks smokes.

The Dutch Reaction to Idiot Dhimmi Minders

Municipality Admits Mistakes in Drug Addicts' Hostel Affair

The Municipality of Den Bosch has admitted that it made mistakes by not sufficiently consulting with the residents of the neighborhood regarding a hostel for drug addicts which was due to open in the area. The mayor and the responsible alderman promised that, in the future, they will consult neighborhoods better and that their interests will be considered more seriously. The hostel was burned down last week, probably by arson.,1

What makes Western middle-class people successful is their understanding and practice of delayed gratification. Normal middle-class people don't suddenly decide to go on a lark and burn down a building. They have to be provoked and enraged for an age before they even raise their voices in public. Arson is a bit stronger. The flames of middle-class anger are now penetrating the pot-smoke of Death Hippie minders. Today in Canada, for example, the Anglican Church is riven to pieces because of 30 years of Death hippies, and tomorrow we might well see Anglicans burning churches if things continue as they do now. Death Hippies will cause death across the globe, moreso, more dead than they've already created. There is only so much shit people will put up with before even the most placid Dutchman, for example, goes mustang and burns the place to he ground. It's too normal. One would have to be crazy not to see it coming. And the Hippies don't seem to see it at all, focussed as they are on some lost horizon of utopian pot-dreaming. Death Hippies will turn Shangri-La into Europe's Sarajevo Summer.

When I think about it, I think hangin's too good for the Death Hippies. I think they should have to live without marijuana for a year. That would punish them rightly. They'd have to live with the mess they've made and wouldn't be able to walk past it without seeing it. Harsh indeedy.

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