Monday, February 25, 2008

Red Felton's Comedy Hour at VPL

I'm packing my lunch and getting ready for the show-down at Vancouver Public Library's anti-Semite fete this evening in the basement, round the corner to the left at the bottom of the stairs, again left through either of the doors. There's a "reading" going on there this evening that's not to be missed, Greg Felton, conspiracy -monger and Jew-hating Leftist, will be on display, showing up at the invitation of the city's library head to prattle on about the Jooos. How can you resist? Go early to make sure you get a seat. Let's find out who's who in town.

For more details and an excellent analysis of this story, turn to:

I'd suggest leaving the kids at home for this one. See you at 6:30 or so for the 7:30 event. I'll be outside Blenz coffee bar in the atrium. Blue scarf. Israeli flag on cap.


Transmontanus said...


I hate to break it to you, but Felton is about as far-right as it's possible to get. His condition is only barely distinguishable from certain of the more fashionable pseudo-leftists these days, though, so don't beat up on yourself.



Dag said...

It looks first like I have to beat you at arm wrestling and then go into the details of why Felton is a genuine Leftist, all of which I am very happy to do as soon as you show up for it, coffee, of course, being on me.

Cheers, Dag.

To the other commentator, the one whose comment didn't make the cut, I repeat: I don't post links alone, and that is due to the deliberate virus spreading I encounter from those who do so. If you have a comment, please feel free to leave it here for our friends and fellows.

Vancouver visitor said...

Are you referring to visits from "ivan"? I've come across it on another blog and nothing happened when I clicked on the link. Best to get Google to shut the annoying spammer's account down.

Dag said...

Yes, V.V., I do delete "Ivan" because here, at least, his links jamb up my computer, and if it does to mine, it might do to others, all for no benefit that I can see. If Ivan wishes to leave a comment, I'm fair enough to leave it, as a rule.

I intend, while I'm here to make mention, that I'll follow up this post with an account of my encounter with Greg Felton last evening. Again to be fair, he is in person at a public gathering, affable and polite. It makes for an interesting anecdote, though the promised evening didn't turn out as I had hoped. for more new till I get to it, one might turn ot my colleagues at Covenant Zone and at Downtown Eastside Enquirer. I do believe that Terry Glavin will have something to contribute to this as well.

Lastly, I would like to say again to those I et last evening that I am pleased we had a chance to see each other in person, and that I welcome all of them and friends to join us this Thursday for coffee, time and place to be announced, as always.