Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dutch Security Services to Assassinate Geert Wilders

Only my hair-dresser knows for sure, but the word I have is that the Dutch government, in a desperate move to save themselves from catastrophic problems with the Muslim world should Geert Wilders' film Fitna show in public as planned, and to save themselves from domestic hatred among Dutch voters should they ban Wilders on obviously spurious grounds of "national security", will arrange an 'accidental' or 'unpreventable' public killing of the controversial politician to just get rid of him as quickly and as quietly as possible. The plan, so far as it's clear here, is to have a lone Dutch lunatic kill Wilders in public so he will be seen to die at the hands of anyone but a Muslim. We'll see, as my hair-dresser says, if it's a permanent.

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Dag said...

Of course I'm making it up. I don't have any access to the Dutch Secret Services or much of anything else. The point is that it comes to such a state that should Wilders be murdered by anyone at all it will look very much like the Dutch government had a hand in it. The Dutch government has done everything in its power to prevent Wilders from showing his film short of putting him in jail. I think they'd rather just kill him than do that and show by doing so just how cowardly they are. I think the politicians in the Netherlands are ready to let the man die rather than deal with the Muslim situation honestly. But I don't know anything more than what my own experience of such people tells me. What they want to do and what they will do might not be the same at all.

Good luck, Geert. The whole world is watching.