Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dutch NIMBYs Hot Under the Collar

The "World's Most Tolerant People" are seemingly fed-up with the gnostic crap pushed on them by their minders. Oh? The America- hating, sneering, despising of all things bourgeois, (with the exception of all things bourgeois in-hand) are sick of, for one thing, housing for drug addicts in their back yards, hence NIMBY: Not in My Back Yard. The discussion can get heated, even among the most smug and sanctimonious people in Europe. No, I shouldn't and I don't single out Dutch Left fascists for any special hostility. I despise them all, American Left dhimmi fascists as much as the Swedish version, any of them. Here though, I look at the Dutch, the microcosm of Europe's eventual Sarajevo Summer.

"Neighborhood Residents Rejoice after Drug Addicts' Hostel Burns Down"

A building in the neighborhood of Kruiskamp in Den Bosch has burned down. The Municipality had intended to use it as a hostel for drug addicts, against strong opposition from neighborhood residents. Arson is suspected. A number of local residents came out to celebrate the burning of the building. There have been a number of similar cases in the Netherlands where local violence or threats have blocked such decisions. In 2005, in the neighborhood of Schilderwijk in the Hague, local inhabitants threw stones and eggs on members of the Municipality and police because of a plan to establish a center for drug addicts in the neighborhood. In the same year inhabitants of the Rotterdam Katendrecht neighborhood threatened arson if a home for former prostitutes would be located there. In both cases the Municipality abandoned the projects. February 26, 2008

Let me try to make a broader point by relating a personal anecdote: A few years ago my buddy says to me, "Did you see that creepy Russian dude when you were hitting on his wife?" Truth to tell, as I was watching the woman in question taking off her clothes I was watching the creepy Russian dude as well. He was grinning like a maniac. I mentioned it to the wife. She said he needed money for cigarettes, and he figured she'd have it for him soon enough. I explained to her that she was wasting her time with me so long as she hung around with the Russian, but she didn't care, claiming good/bad at 60/40 with him and that I might be better but she couldn't count on me to hang around.

Now, some guys don't care if a couple of strangers move in and screw the wife so long as they get some cigarettes out of it or a bottle of whatever or whatever. And obviously, some women don't care either. But some guys don't go for it at all. When they encounter it they get pretty nasty. Some women seek out nasty guys in such scenarios. And then it all goes pear-shaped and ends in blood and pain. It's not unusual to encounter anti-social behavior among bottom-feeders. If one is aware of the environment and its denizens, then it might work out. If not, if one wades into dark water and one suddenly finds oneself at the deep end of a bad deal; and if one finds a couple of strangers hitting on his wife, then it's not leering and hand-rubbing time. Even in dhimmi Europe normalcy is not a really just a phone-call away, no Allo Police! A sickening and intimidating situation? Middle-class people might strain their cheek muscles for a while trying to smile at the behavior of bottom-feeders, but there comes a time when it's too much. Those who don't get it, those who don't care, those who will sell out their lives for a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of booze....

The Dutch arsonists are as normal as anyone I've ever met. It's the Dutch who sneer at all things American and leer while their wives get molested by bottom-feeders that disturbs me. Maybe the Dutch are finding this molestation to be less than amusing. Maybe they're going to be just like they've always been: unashamedly normal and violent and frenzied and murderous. Maybe the pot-smoker poses of "sophisticated" Bo- Bos is over. Maybe it'll become clear why I refer to the Left dhimmi fascists as Death Hippies. Maybe when the bodies pile up on the streets or bob in the canals it'll become clear that it's the Left fascists who are responsible for all this; that Death Hippies cause death because of Left dhimmi fascist behaviour in the first place. We'll see how many more fires, how many rampages by Dutch burghers, how many vigilante murders come about because of the World's Most Tolerant People finally getting sick of getting screwed and bing humiliated. Or maybe I'm totally wrong and the poor need more social programmes while the racists should be jailed for hate thoughts. We'll see. We'll see if what was "colorful" in a part of town over there is acceptable when it's in the backyards of the Dutch middle class. Maybe NIMBYs will turn up the heat when the bottom feeders are no longer somewhere else but turn out to be the neighbours offering cigarettes for a shot at the wife.

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