Sunday, March 02, 2008

Der Stuermercratic Party and John Haggee

The Democratic Party is dead. This is not the party of Scoop Jackson, of JKF, of Richard Daily. Those men were, like them or not, serious men who acted and bargained rationally within the bounds of reality, harsh as it might be and unromantic. The Democratic Party today is one of silly children and criminals and hippies. They are not only disgusting to read, they are a menace to the life of the world's people. With minds like these, with people like this in charge of any public task more serious than mowing (not mine but my neighbour's) lawn, with childish and spoiled minds in play-ground gross-out over-drive, with a nation run by creepy children, we are doomed. And it seems to be the thing to be: a Barak Obama groupie. Here's one who sums up the Democratic Party unfortunately very nicely. This is not FDR in need of a haircut, this is today's Democratic Party:

When it comes to flaming bags of pus preaching hatred towards Muslims (and Catholics) - which the McCain campaign is going to carpet bomb fearful Americans with as though he were dumping napalm on women and children back in Nam - John Hagee has no equal. His radical Christian Zionist militant group Christians United For Israel although only two years old has proven to be reliable boots on the ground shock troops for extremist right wing Israelis and their dual loyalist agents that are deeply embedded in the American media, military and government.

Hagee, who is also the author of books like Jerusalem Countdown that builds on the cultist Left Behind series of pulp fiction Armageddon books read by millions (and could have been written by Israeli intelligence itself so vitriolic are they to Muslims, liberals and the United Nations) caught the eye of the nuke Iran war freaks who have always preyed on rube bible thumpers and is now being used as a shill for the PNAC agenda of world dominance.

His audacious pep rallies for a holy war to end all wars are orgies of the same sort of iconography and demagoguery that Leni Riefenstahl immortalized on film in Triumph Of The Will and the glazed eyes and thousand yard stares (see video here) of the hateful lemming CUFI followers and those of the German people are so similar that they send a chill up my spine. McCain's object of everlasting man love Joe Lieberman is a Hagee favorite and has even gone so far as to compare the hatemongering minister to Moses himself. It is no small coincidence that CUFI came into existence at precisely the same time that the drive for nuking Iran was gathering momentum.

McCain, of course being the straight shooter, has thrown in with the same agents of intolerance that he once denounced before he found Jesus after that Karl Rove induced mugging in South Carolina back in 2000. McCain is a pathological war freak and wants to exact his brutal revenge on any proxy target of the Viet Cong, so throwing in with the agents of extremist Israeli ideology like Lieberman and a flaming lunatic who wants to influence U.S. foreign policy to bring about the beloved Rapture and therefore the immolation of all Jews who don't convert to Christianity makes perfect sense.

It goes on for a couple of pages, the above being a short excerpt from one of them. What is this? Is this why I hear that the Internet is a bad thing? If this above were the only kind of discourse available, then yes, I'd give it up after a few minutes. Obviously it isn't. Rather, this medium is one in which we will be able to experience Geert Wilder's short film, Fitna. Creepy kids who run the Democratic Party won't get it. I often think Europe is lost to self-annihilation through hedonism, but there is Geert Wilders and a few others to shore up my vision. America, on the other hand, is not looking so good. It sinks into an orgy of childishness the likes of which I have never experienced in any Third World fly-speck shit-hole of a nation. Bad things, yes, in abundance, but never the self-indulgence of the Democratic Party as above. The closest kind of political and social milieu I can find to the American Democratic Party today is in Weimar Germany. The echoes are profound.

"Look at the way the Jewish people have been following for thousands of years past; everywhere murder, everywhere mass murder. Neither must we forget that behind present-day wars there stands the Jewish financier who pursues his aims and interests. The Jew always lives on the blood of other nations; he needs such murder and such victims.1

Julius Streicher -- martyred Crusader For Truth: Julius Streicher is the most famous writer and authority on the Jewish problem in all of history. He has been greatly maligned by the forces of organized Jewry. Of the eleven German martyrs who went to their deaths on the gallows at Nuremberg on October 16, 1946, Streicher alone died solely for his speeches and writings.2


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