Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dhimmitude: The Dutch Treat

I had a girlfriend who once insisted on wearing high-heel shoes to a party. Afterward, as we sat in the taxi going home, she turned to me and growled: "Don't say a word."

Mr. Geert Wilders has made open statements about prohibiting the Koran in The Netherlands and demanding the total assimilation of non-western cultures.

With the possible release of his film "Fitna" Wilders endangers the Dutch society abroad and in his own country at this moment.

I no longer sit still and say nothing:
I do not share his opinions, neither approve of his film.
Because Geert Wilders' opinion is not my opinion.

I share Geert Wilders' opinion of Islam and the Koran. Outlaw the damned book, ban Muslim immigration from Europe, deport the criminals who aren't simply hanged for their crimes. Why wait till th party's over to admit it was all a mistake to dress up in some painful costume for the sake of posing? I no longer sit still and say nothing: Islam is a fascist poligion. Stop it.

Go, Wilders, Go!


Stushie said...

Poligion...I like that could also coin relitics.


Dag said...

I wish I could claim that I coined the trm "poligion," a Political religion, but I didn't. I found it at Jihad Watch and fell in love with it instantly. I tried to search it's history, and I came to a dead-end at a site dealing with flower gardening, the first usage of it I found, which i find too strange. Meanwhile, I have found other neologisms of equal wit, for example, "Allahdamerung." Bat Yeor is the mother of the term dhimmitude, after which this blog is named. Ours is a lovely struggle toward greater qualities in many senses, one of which, perhaps trivial in the grand scheme of things, is our ability to create new terms to create new senses of life and meaning therein.

I'm pleased that you find poligion a happy discovery.

Relitics is all yours, and a neat one at that. Very clever, in my opinion, which I'm sure is general.

butterfly said...

‘Death hippies’ is my current favorite word, a cruelly sweet description of the lunatic liberals who make common cause with our enemy, like the dork pictured in this post.

Dag said...

Nice to see you again.

I decided to delete my bitter elaboration of the genesis of "Death Hippies." It's pretty much self-explanatory anyway, each of us likely having good reason to know why it's so.

I'm going to go sit in the dark and brood at bit now. Still, showing up after all this time brings a smile. Thanks.