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Not with a bang but a whimper

The piece below comes from Israpundit:

Bill Narvey

Geert Wilders could be Europe's savior.

Self defence embodies two stages within which there are two options. Stage one is where a credible threat is made. Stage two is where a credible threat is carried out.

Stage 1 is where a threat is made and made all the more credible by exemplary, but not all out violence. The options to the threatened are to credibly threaten the threatener to get them to back down and thus avert violence or to capitulate in the hope that capitulation will satisfy the threatener and thus remove the threat to peace and social order.

The EU has been thus far been involved in Stage 1 where Europeans have been credibly threatened by the Islamofacists and their large network of Muslim supporters that live in Europe. The EU long ago chose capitulation as its means of self defence as epitomized by the attitude of Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende.

Sporadic outbreaks of violence, be it the Islamofacist attacks in Spain and Britain, the violence in Paris or attacks and murders of individuals by Islamofacists, such as that of Theo Van Gogh have not personally touched enough of EU society and EU leaders.

Thus the EU continues to pursue appeasing capitulation as the primary method to deal with Islamofacist demands that the EU adapt to Muslims needs and wishes, which demands always carry with them, express or veiled threats of violence.

The EU is faced with a conundrum at this Stage 1 self defence level in terms of how it has chosen to respond and continues to respond to the credible Islamofacist threat it faces.

To all reasonable thinking people, they have witnessed that their self defence approach of capitulation has not worked. Instead of quelling the threat, the Islamofacists have only become more emboldened to demand more and the EU, pursuing its policies of appeasement and capitulation to the threat has seen the EU giving in more and more to the Islamofacist demands.

The EU leadership and EU society generally cannot help but know that policies of appeasement and capitulation to Islamofacists are not helping, but only worsening their situation.

The EU however puts such a value on peace and social order, that it is willing to continue to debase itself by transforming its society from what it was to what Islamofacists want it to be in order that the peace and social order of their nations is not substantially disturbed by intermittent and sporadic acts of Islamofacist violence.

This European aversion to war and violence is so great, that it has expanded its capacity for tolerating and accommodating the intolerance of Islamofacists and their creed beyond what a great many would consider reasonable and sane, all for the sake of holding on to peace and social order, without too much, if any regard for the quality of their peace and social order and their own self respect.

Stage 2 self defence is as noted, reacting to a threat of violence that is being carried out which touches a majority of society by causing many harm, if not death.

Geert Wilders, with his speeches and his movie which he promises will be shown by the end of March, 2008 is forcing the Islamofacist's hand and forcing the EU to move to Stage 2 of its self defence.

If the Wilders movie does make its way into public domain and the Islamofacist threats of widespread violence materialize throughout Europe or even just in the Netherlands then the EU will be faced with having to choose between fighting back or capitulating more.

The one thing about a person or nation being actually attacked. It brings into sharp focus that their options are very limited and they must choose very quickly. The choice is of course to fight back without restraint to destroy one's attacker or choose to act like a whipped dog that lies on its back exposing its throat to the aggressor hoping for mercy.

The chances are that the Islamofacists will be intoxicated enough with the power they feel they have achieved in Europe that they will carry out their threats of violence if the Wilders movie is shown. Their thinking probably would also be that if they did not carry out their threat of violence, they might be perceived as a paper tiger.

The ultimate choice to fight back to defeat Islamofacism and reverse the Islamification of Europe or to submit and pave the way for the complete Islamification of Europe to assure peace and social order, even if it is at all costs, is quickly being forced upon both the Islamofacists and the EU by Geert Wilders.

The next several days and weeks and months to follow will be telling as to what option the EU chooses in its stage 2 self defence crisis that has been mounting with each passing day.

Comment by Bill Narvey — March 26, 2008 @ 9:14 am


In spite of the groveling from Balkenende and Ban Ki Moon and others spread thick and wide across the dhimmi spectrum, not much in the way of outrage from Islam in general. And if not over Wilders' film, then why should they ever again rise their voices in protest against anything non-Muslims do? If they can tolerate Wilders' film now, they can tolerate anything else that comes along. There's no reason for any of us ever again to worry about insulting Islam. If Wilders film is acceptable, anything goes from now on. Muslims are paper tigers.

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