Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wilders asks for cash; Spencer offers gold

Wilders: Qur'an film will be out before April 1

"I guess it really does it exist. And yes, I would still be glad to post it here at Jihad Watch."

Robert Spencer, Director Jihad

Geert Wilders has an offer from Robert Spencer, above, that is honest and true.

Wilders is begging for money. Spencer's word is weightier than gold. You decide.


Always On Watch said...

Wilders should accept Spencer's offer.

I'd buy the DVD, and I'm sure that others would, too.

Dag said...

I don't have any idea what Wilders' masterplan is here. Maybe he has some scheme that transcends our understanding entirely and we'll stand in awe of his genius should we ever grasp it in its fullness. Many people have put in a lot of energy to make his project as successful as it can be without actually having been part of the process, leaving all the hard work to Wilders, and leaving him the credit for all as it turns out, well or ill. Spencer is making an offer Wilders should consider, and one that if he refuses he should make known his reasons for refusing. Too many of us know Spencer too well to have this offer dismissed without a word from Wilders. As is, Wilders might even now be on the phone talking with Spencer about royalties, speaker's fees, the high cost of unionized roadies, costume changes and hair-styles, dance moves and the advantages of digitalized light and sound to accompany his world tour. I'm hopeful.

I'd buy the DVD, I'd buy the tee-shirt, I'd buy the poster to hang in the dorm room.

Meanwhile, Wilders moves on, and I sit waiting impatiently for his moves to become apparent.

Vancouver visitor said...

Wilders should have made the film available in the MPEG format. It ensures maximum viewership and publicity right at the start, since every operating system has an MPEG player.

Dag said...

Now that it's out I'm sure there will be any number of variations available within hours.

This has been an ordeal for a plain kind of guy like me. I don't like the fooling around at all. But now it's out, and I am pleased beyond words.

I fully expect we'll be on the sidewalk this weekend here in Vancouver in public support of Wilders and his film. Will know more this evening and I'll make it known to all then.