Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wilders spits on ummah's shoes; Muslims walk away

As you might know by now, LiveLeak has pulled the plug on Fitna due to death threats.

The excellent blog from the Netherlands, Wilders News, has ceased taking comments due to death threats as below:


Friday, March 28, 2008 Because of death threats against Geert Wilders reactions will be closed from now on

In verband met heftige reacties en doodsdreigingen aan het adres van Geert wilders zijn de reactie mogelijkheden van deze website voorlopig gesloten.

de Redactie

The usual near-perfect English is a bit missing above, which makes me think they think the threats are serious. My sympathies.

Good insight here from One Cent at Brussels Journal.

The burqa clad self-censoring dhimmis in the mainstream media were obviously overwhelmed with "Fitna" given that it violated their sacred dogmas of political correctness and upholding the multi-culti myth at all costs. So, here we are at this point in western history where free speech is systematically muzzled by the media elite. Amazing isn't it, the basic totalitarian tenets of the old USSR reassembled right in the heart of western democracies. Islam couldn't ask for better collaborators.

Ask yourself who is more dangerous to western societies Islam or the quislings that live among us?

No surprise

Submitted by onecent on Fri, 2008-03-28 23:22.

And then there's the notorious "moderate Muslim" we all hear about but never actually see, though Ali Eteraz is often claimed to be one of them. Another smart insight from a commentator, Rob, at Brussels Journal on Wilders' film Fitna:

[A]ll I could find was a comment at the Guardian by someone named Ali Eteraz who said the film made him 'yawn.' Now, you can agree or disagree with the film's message, but what kind of monster does one have to be to see those images and yawn? I hope to God I never become so blase and disconnected from my fellow man that such images provoke nothing in me other than boredom.

Very sad
Submitted by Rob the Ugly American on Sat, 2008-03-29 00:40.

Eteraz .... Regardless of who claims to be a jihadi and who doesn't, the fact remains that Wilders has, by releasing his film on the world, spit on the collective shoes of the ummah: Each and every Muslim on Earth now has the dubious privilege of either accepting or not that those of us who give not a damn at all for Islam can spit on their shoes too. It's up to Muslims to decide what to do about Wilders' spittle gobbing their feet. If they put up with Fitna, then they can put up with any other thing, however insulting it might be to their so-called faith, and they will have to shut their mouths and accept it like the rest of us do when we face insults to our values, which we do without much murmur. Muslims either accept the insult of Fitna or they don't. It's their call now.

No more idle jihadi threats from the parents' basement over the Internet. Let them come out and let's see what they are made of in the flesh. Wilders spit on the shoes of every believing Muslim on Earth. So what? What will the ummah do about it?

Some people are as keen on a fight as the most ardent jihadis. All it will take to start is a small sack of cash and a few weeks till one ends up in Tehran to discuss the setting up of the home team. But after even all this time not a single genius has figured out the offer. Time's a wastin', lads.

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