Monday, March 24, 2008

Waking the Monster

"El sueno de la razon produce monstruos." Francisco Goya.

The sleep of Reason brings forth monsters.

I know that word too well from personal experience many years ago, the words el monstro, applied, unfortunately, to my loving self. Of course it was all a misunderstanding. In other cases it is all too apt. And to you it might be. You might be tomorrow the monster you fear today-- if you think of it at all, twisting in your deepest fevered slumbers. Yes, dear reader, it could well be you. Allow me to explain.

Geert Wilder has produced a fifteen minute film on the fascist nature of the Koran. Since he announced the making of this film he has been under increased pressure to stop his campaign to show the world his vision of Islam as a fascism, pressured not only by the Muslims who have made serious death threats against him, a member of the Netherlands' parliament, as was Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and as was the murdered Pim Fortuyn, a politician, a public figure who made public statements regarding Islam, like the murdered Theo van Gogh, Wilders, living for the past four years or more now under 24 hour per day police protection in the Netherlands, Wilders, not merely threatened by Muslim fanatics, has even been pressured by his own fellow Dutch parliamentarians to cease and desist in his campaign to bring to the public's attention the fascist nature of Islam. There is seemingly no end to the threats Wilders receives in this life, and he will likely die without a day's relief from either Muslims or the dhimmis who wish him to die or to disappear. Regardless, and perhaps because he now has nothing to lose but his life, he continues to pursue his mission. Muslims threaten to murder him; Dutch politicians threaten to censor him and have him-- put in prison? We can't tell as of yet. But prison? What's different about that for a man who lives in prison cells and army barracks, each evening a different one, never the same two nights running? Wilders is a hunted man, a public figure in the Netherlands, a hostage in his own nation, a nation he serves as a parliamentarian, not yet exiled as is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Not yet murdered as were Fortuyn and van Gogh. Yes, there are others less famous and equally at risk in the Netherlands and other nations across Europe. Many more. And more to come. Europe itself is held hostage to Islamic terror. The politicians and the people for the most part quake in terror and beg the Muslims to spare them. There is a word for such behaviour. It doesn't apply to Wilders. Instead there are numerous words attached to him: Reactionary, Far Rightist, Racist, Hate-monger, and so on till every idiot cliche is plopped down in the growing heap of dead words at his feet. Wilders carries on. He tries to show his film to the world, so far with no success. His fellow Dutch parliamentarians have had him in government offices where he has been "intimidated" unsuccessfully, and he has been vilified by them in public. He is under threat of roughly 100 law suits as of today. Demonstrators protest in some of the worst weather for this day in living memory, simply because Wilders will not shut up, go away, or die.

Wilders has a right due a parliamentarian to show himself and his message on national Dutch television as a political statement. Every party leader is alloted a short period in which to address the public. But Wilders is not allowed to show his film as part of the public presentation to the public. Not him. Others yes, but not Wilders. In his own nation no television station will broadcast his film. Not without prior rights of censorship. Wilders refuses to be censored. The secret police have tried as well and they have not succeeded. Wilders attempted to use the media centre at the Hague to show his film. He was told it would cost him roughly half a million dollars for the day, on top of which those business owners proximate threatened to sue him for loss of business due to the troubles they would have with security-- due to fears of Muslim violence. And so Wilders went in search of an Internet company to show his film for him across the aether. Wilders went to America for help, to Network Solutions, which is now looking like a bad move on his part. Wilder promotional site is taken down due to " complaints."

There are two short pieces here that should make us afraid for our futures. Wilders has already rejected many attempts to have him show his film to censors and bullies. A Muslim site is now "offering to show" his film. As censors. There is no end to the rubbish of the jihadis and the dhimmis of our lands. But in the next piece we'll see something that is very frightening indeed, if one knows what to see in it. First:

Wilders rejects Muslim tv offer to show film


Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders on Sunday rejected an offer from the Dutch Muslim broadcaster NMO to show his controversial short film Fitna, reports ANP news service.

'No way, NMO' Wilders is reported as saying. The NMO had asked for the right to see the film in advance of screening to check it does not break the law.



That offer is a lie from the start. It is meant only as a ploy to humiliate us all. This offer is the one wie must be afraid of, not just now but for our time for years. This is the beginning of our end if we do nothing but sleep. This is the evil that will come of our slumbers and of our secret monstrousities:

Czech nationalist party to release Wilders anti-Islamic film on website

Prague- The Czech extra-parliamentary nationalist National Party (NS) has offered its foreign server for the release of the controversial anti-Islamic film of Dutch ultra-right MP Geert Wilders, the NS announced on its website today.

The party thereby reacted to the U.S. Internet company's cancelling Wilders's website as he intended to release the film on its server.

Wilders, head of the Dutch ultra-right Freedom Party (PVV), wanted to release its 15-minute film called Fitna, an Arabic word used to describe discord, on the Internet late March after the Dutch TV channels refused to broadcast it.

The NS says the film must be broadcast all over Europe as "a response to the Islamist terrorists destroying European countries by extortion and attacks."

This is why the party has offered help with the film's release to the Dutch politician "in reaction to the media's blatant concessions to Islamists."

The Dutch authorities expressed fears that the film might stir up violent protests in Muslim countries similar to those that followed after the publication of the Prophet Muhammad cartoons in Danish papers two years ago.

However, the NS says it is convinced that the Dutch and EU politicians are simply cowardly, they spread panic and are not able to support Wilders "in his fight against Islamists."

The ANP Dutch agency reported that Wilders would like to distribute his film by any means.

In the film he allegedly describes the Koran as a fascist book that provokes intolerance, murders and violence.

The para-military National Guard, established by the NS last October, has also offered Wilders protection and asylum at an unspecified place in the Czech Republic, in reaction to the allegedly prepared assassination of him during the demonstration [by] Stop Islamism in Amsterdam at the end of last year, in which the NS representatives took part.

The NS was highlighted in the media in January, 2006, when it staged a meeting on the spot of a former wartime [Nazi concentration] camp for Romanies [i.e. Gypsies] in Lety, south Bohemia. The NS then claimed that the Lety camp was a mere labour camp where Romanies died of common diseases.

However, according to historical sources, 326 people perished in the Lety camp and over 500 inmates ended up in the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz (Oswiecim).
The NS has been officially registered since 2002. The Interior Ministry originally refused to register it, but the party turned to the Constitutional Court that cancelled the ministry's decision.

The party stands up against the EU, foreign immigrants and Romanies.

"Extra-parliamentary opposition" is a euphemism for terrorists, while paramilitary is plain English. "This is why" dear reader, we must all waken ourselves from our slumbers and face reality before we find ourselves in the same position collectively that Wilders is in alone at this time. What would yo do if you were in Wilders' position, perhaps through no deliberate fault of your own? What, friend, will you do if you accidentally upset a Muslim? What if you find yourself under 24 hour a day guard by a state that tells you to shut up and go away, to say nothing, do nothing, pretend all is fine? What if your whole nation is like you, under threat of death and the state pretends it is your fault? If you are intelligent and prudent you will turn away from the state to those who can or at least will promise you freedom and protection. You will, if you're normal and sane, turn to an extra-parliamentary opposition, one that is beyond the state that refuse to save your life from jihadi terrorism, one that is not bullying you and threatening you and leaving you to die by murder. If those who offer to fight your enemies are also those who would kill off everyone they dislike while protecting you, what would it matter to you so long as you live? If your state fails you and leaves yo to the mercies of jihadis who will cut off your head with a kitchen knife while they scream like savages, "Allahu akbar" and shriek in delight as your head comes off, what will you care if they die? Mightn't you even wish to join those who would attack the jihadis?

Yes, dear reader, today you're a normal person living an ordinary life in a quiet democracy. Tomorrow you might find yourself faced with savage who will cut off your head while they video-tape the ceremony of blood and jihad for the world to watch. Then what kind of person would you be? Happy? Multi-culti and sharing/caring? I don't think so. I think if you were faced with anything like Wilders life you'd find yourself pretty pleased to find friends among Czech paramilitary extra-parliamentarians offering you protection. If they are less than ideal, so what? If your government won't do a damned thing to save you you'd be crazy to fuss over those who will.

Today it might seem far-fetched to think you could be terrorized by jihadis in your little town or your neighbourhood. Sure, it's always far away, even when it's right next to you, so long as it's not you, and even so long as the terror isn't fatal, so you can laugh later at your close escape. You can see it coming if yo look at all. And you can see that you will save yourself if you can when the time comes, which you know is coming soon enough. The fears of evil are easy to ignore. It's over there, it's them, it isn't you. Until it is you. And little by little you find you wake each day to the life you never thought imaginable, the life of a monster. You might not be as fortunate as I, it all being a case in my case of mistaken identity or something. Don't fall asleep and wake later to find yourself someone you would hate. Before you find yourself in Wilders' position wake up and act to preserve your decency. Few of us actually set out to be monsters. But where do you think they come from?

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