Monday, March 24, 2008

Geert Wilders and The New Class

Those who fight against the release of Geert Wilders' short film, Fitna, have some legitimate cause for doing so: they are either Muslim fanatics in support of their fascist poligion, which is understandable and in some sense admirable, or they are the Left dhimmi fascists who use Muslims as proxies in a war against Modernity, a despicable collusion with primitivist fascism. Even they are vaguely understandable. What is sickening beyond redemption is the state of our States. Our political leaders are creepy and cowardly, and if we continue electing them to represent us....

"Some in Europe have accused the Dutch politician of being a provocateur, of deliberately provoking the Muslim umma to violence. But this characterization distorts what is in fact a serious purpose. What Wilders wants to reveal, above all, is that the violence is already an innate part of the umma. Besides Muslim intolerance, the Dutchman is also standing up to the moral feebleness of some of his own countrymen, whom he has called "cowards." Every television network in Holland has refused to run his film, leaving only the Internet, where Fitna will probably be posted on YouTube.

Moreover, in response to Prime Minister Balkenende's fainthearted warning that, in case of a terrorist attack, he would be held partially responsible, Wilders defiantly replied: "The Cabinet may go down on its knees before Islam and capitulate, but I will never do that. The film will be released." The Freedom party leader has also called Balkenende "a timid man who has chosen the side of the Taliban."

In an unprecedented speech to the Dutch parliament this month, Wilders again pointed to the danger a creeping Islamification poses to Holland and Europe, warning it was "a few minutes to midnight." He also chided the ruling party for betraying the Dutch culture and people, calling one minister "stark raving mad" in the speech for having said that sharia law could be introduced into Holland.

Wilders has paid a heavy price for his position. He has had his own freedom restricted. Death threats from Muslim extremists have caused him to be put under 24-hour police protection for the past two years. Wilders thus joins the growing list of people in Europe requiring protection from Islamic radicals. At one time, it was only Salman Rushdie who was forced to live in hiding; now, as one observer pointed out, such people are so numerous they nearly constitute a new social class....

Excerpted from: The Islamists' Nemesis By Stephen Brown

at | 3/24/2008

Thanks to Yid with Lid:

We, as a collective body of Modernist citizens, are the new class of trembling dhimmis. Geert Wilders is now our most visible defender in our hope of remaining free citizens. We are all under 24 hour guard from our police and military, as is Wilders, though our protection is less immediate than his-- for now. Our position won't improve if we concede yet more privilege to Islam. If we continue to roll over for each and every Muslim complaint, it will get further worse for us. And then even worse. And eventually we will just die. It ain't for me. Call me a fascist, a Right wing religious bigot, what-have-you; I'm willing to fight for our Modernity and our collective democracy. And you?

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