Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fraktion Gert Wilders

We had a meeting of minds at the Vancouver Public Library this evening, Saturday, and we also met some of the -- the people. We met some of the hundreds who lined up to give money to listen to Ilan Pappe, a dhimmi slime with a sparkling reputation among dhimmi slime. I held my temper, and well, I think, till I couldn't do so any longer, and then I made a hasty exit, taking my fury with me for a long walk in the sleet and the unseasonal snow. The chill did not cool me. I am not a cool person, spitting as I passed by in the slush five middle-aged businessmen passing a joint each to each as they staggered through the central business quarter of the city. I'd stormed out of the library, incapable of enduring more without a loss of temper.

We met and engaged in some discussion a small group of people who either couldn't afford the price of admission to Pappe's lecture or who couldn't find a seat in the over-packed room to listen to him, to clap so loudly that those of us on the upper level of the building could hear it through the din of chatter around us, clapping for dhimmitude and for the vicariou thrill of hearing the daring speech of a dhimmi proclaiming, declaiming, the celebration of philobarbarism for the effeminate. I'm not able to endure such torture without feeling a need to... I cannot say. Not today or not now, the picture of cowards demanding the excoriation of Geert Wilders, the hounding of Wafa Sultan, the cringing dhimmi trails of Christian clerics running to the Muslim masters of their dream-worlds to play at vicarious rape phantasies. The axe, the axe, the hand of da'w reaches out and I call for the axe! The anal presentations and the simpering squeals of the dhimmis begging not to be raped too hard, to brutally, "Oh please, not too hard, but hard on Wilders and Sultan and those who deserve it...." I have no liking for this lot of scum.

The Municipal Council of Churches in Utrecht has sent an open letter to all mosques in the town in which the Council distances itself in advance of the broadcast of the movie “Fitna” by Geert Wilders. It says that this film depreciates the freedom of religion in the Netherlands, which was so difficult to acquire.

Where, friend, is the Fraktion Geert Wilders?

I'll return next with a synopsis of the travails of Wafa Sultan, now in hiding with her family due to jihadi death threats in America.

Where lurks the filibuster nation?

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truepeers said...

Well, I stayed a little later than you and one Jewish woman came out of the room and talked with us about how completely unmoved she was by Pappe and how he completely ignored all kinds of salient realities in order to come to his peculiar perspective. Her attitude was "sure the Palestinians suffer, but that is not a rational argument for attacking the existence of Israel".

Yet I fear you are right about the dhimmi or white guilt phenomenon gripping most who were there. We have no choice but to work long and hard to unravel this irrationality in ways that its practitioners can actually see...