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Left Dhimmi Fascist Priority and the Fraktion Geert Wilders, Fraktion Wafa Sultan

Last evening as my comrades and I spent an evil evening debating committed dhimmis and assorted Left fascists a the local library while capo-dhimmi Ilan Pappe strove hard to bolster the conspiracy theories of the dhimmi weltanschauung, Wafa Sultan and her family were in hiding due to death threats from jihadis.

At the library last evening a few hundred dhimmis showed up to show off themselves as morally superiour to all other Human beings; showing themselves to be committed to correcting pretended injustice against Muslims in so-called Palestine. Big of them. And now, Wafa sultan and family inn hiding, where are the dhimmis? Back at Starbucks sipping lattes and speaking too loudly about there adventure to the library where they listened rapt to the capo de capo of dhimmi Israeli Communist Party members, Ilan Pappe. And Wafa Sultan who speaks on Muslim television to Muslim death lovers?

Wafa Sultan, with her family, is in hiding:

Shameful it is. Fraktion Geert Wilders? Where art thou? Fraktion Wafa Sultan, where hidest thou?

Wilders: Balkenende Must be Terribly Embarrassed

THE HAGUE, 29/03/08 - Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders considers that Premier Jan Peter Balkenende "must be terribly embarrassed" about everything he has said in the past about his anti-Koran film Fitna.

Balkenende repeatedly stressed in recent weeks that the film could lead to attacks and deaths. When the media asked him if he was not exaggerating, the premier even replied last week that the word 'crisis' could turn out to be a euphemism.


TV programme EenVandaag held a poll Friday among its permanent opinion panel of 10,000. A large majority (82 percent) consider that there has been "a great fuss about nothing." Only 20 percent now expect riots over the film, compared with 52 percent recently.


Yes, the dhimmis no no shame. Wafa Sultan confronts the fascist ulema on Muslim television, and she is under threat of death and in hiding, as is Geert Wilders. On display are hundreds of dhimmis in Vancouver, Canada. What does it mean?

Try this:

Oslo: 'Kill Muslims' grafitti

"Kill Muslims" and "Norway is for Norwegians" were some of the graffiti messages that Ibrahim Salem (30) saw on house walls and entrances last week. Throughout the weekend several blocks on Welhavens street in the center of Oslo were painted over with graffiti. The messages were clearly racist. Foreign names on buzzers and postboxes were written over and painted with swastikas.

The area residents had gotten used to such racist hate messages, according to Ibrahim. He says that this has happened 20 times in the six years he's lived there. He asks to clean the walls, and the graffiti reappears after several weeks.

He [said] in the past he was content with getting it cleaned up, but this time he's scared of the messages calling for murder. In the past they wrote things like 'go home', he says, but now come they come directly with threats. He says his 8 year old son was very scared when he read it. He doesn't dare be here anymore, so Ibrahim sent him to his mother who lives elsewhere in Oslo. Many of the children living in the area were also really scared.

Ibrahim reported the graffiti but feels he doesn't get much understanding from the police. The doors in several blocks are not hard to open. He says they don't sleep well at night, what if they come back and burn down the house?

Dagbladet hadn't managed to contact the police.

Elsewhere in Norway, recently some people tried to reproduce one of the Muhammad caricatures on the walls of a shopping center in Sandnes. It's the first time this has happened in the neighborhood, according to the center's manager Cato Helmersen. He hadn't seen the actual graffiti. He says graffiti is something that happens from time to time. There are different types, but they paint over it.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian), with pictures
From Esther at

While the death Hippies preen for each other and how off their hipness at libraries featuring capo-dhimmis like Pappe the sub-strata of the West seethes. All well and fine for the idiot pseudo-liberal poseurs to show off and attend any latest performance, but there are those who aren't pretentious pseudo-sophisticates. There are the raw and brutal lumpen who are not fooling themselves into thinking they are much to brag about in their veils of political fashion. While it's a game for those with admission fare to the circus of fools at a Pappe hate-fest, there is genuine hate going on in the slums, even in Oslo. Those who don't deal in realities, those whose understanding of Humanness ends at the painted porch of the latest happening art gallery might well find themselves at the point of a switchblade in the evening, confronted by the feral and the murderous who are not into the latest fads. Push the lumpen proletariat and see how cool that is. Ignore them to your peril.

Wafa sultan stands up to proclaim decency and right in the face of fascist Islam. For that she and her family in America are in hiding from jihadis, supported as the latter are by the dhimmis who swoon in delight at the daring Pappe. The lumpen of the nations will soon enough put a stop to that, and they will attack children, little kids sleeping in slums, buildings burning while the dhimmis frown and scold. It is our foolish petit-bourgeoisie who create the horrors to come, the rioting and murderous lumpen reaction. Rather than stand with the Wafa Sultans and the Geert Wilders of the world's democrats the dhimmi fools dine on tomorrow's losses. All the while that the dhimmis play pretend and art of dialogue, all that time the lumpen festers and grows in rage.

When the fed-up lumpen charge in the gloom against those Other, then we'll see the dhimmis divide, half converting to Islam and the other half cringing in fear and open cowardice. It will be the Fraktion Geert Wilders, Fraktion Wafa Sultan on the front-line saving those innocents among the innocent Muslims who might escape this dhimmi-made rage only by good luck.

Ion Dragoumis:

"Each person must imagine that they have to save their nation. Each person is born a potential savior of their nation; even though few know they have been born as such, that they can be saviors, if they want. We must imagine that I alone am responsible for saving the nation, and that if I do not save it, no one else will. Nor must I look at what others do; instead I must imagine that only I have the great obligation to save the nation."

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