Monday, February 18, 2008

The Birth of a Two-headed Chicken Nation

My first face to face encounter with the Kosovo Liberation Army was short and, to be blunt, stupid if not scary.

I was engaged in some travel idiocy, as is the course of my life, when I met a gang of Kosovars, i.e. Albanian Muslim terrorists, taking a break from the day's fighting. One beckoned me from the far side of the road: "Come over here," he jeered. I didn't. He stood up and yelled at me, getting his cliche so backward I don't know even now if I laughed or shuddered:

"First I will kill you! Then I will fuck you."

You know, I think I laughed. Then I ran away and rejoined my mates. This story has a bad ending. Today it got worse.


Anonymous said...

God help Europe, and us all.


Dag said...

I've enabled comment moderation to protect other people from death threats that sneak in here occasionally. I don't actually censor anyone else but those who go o about killing my friends, and such. If you have a comment, I keep it and post it, though at times it takes me all day to get around to finding it. If there's any delay, please hold on till I get it up. Trust me, I tell my girlfriend the same thing.