Friday, February 22, 2008

That'll Show Him!

Well, OK, maybe this isn't strictly related to jihad and Left dhimmi fascism but it's important anyway.

Swedish teacher fined for flashing boobs

A teacher in Sweden has been fined for flashing her breasts at a male pupil. She was convicted of sexual harassment after exposing her breasts to the boy in retaliation for the boy covering the blackboard with swear words and sexual drawings.

The 47-year-old teacher claimed that there was nothing sexual about her breast-flashing, and that it was merely a response to the boy's rude scribblings.

According to The Local, she claimed: 'I just snapped. I was trying to get him to stop writing and drawing filth on the blackboard.'

Although convicted of the boob incident, the teacher was cleared of charges that she also groped two other boys on their buttocks and genitals, after the court found the boys' testimony unreliable.

The teacher was fined the equivalent sixty days wages, after the court took into consideration the fact that she had lost her job. She was also ordered to pay the boy £395 (5,000 kronor) in damages, for the trauma of seeing some breasts.

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Vancouver visitor said...

You can find a whole collection of news reports such as this in Interested-Participant.

Dag said...

I've been looking for a long time, for years now on the Internet, for a story I read in a newspaper maybe in the 70s about a ten year old Black boy dangling his feet over a riverbank in Mississippi, who was grabbed by an alligator. The thing came up out of the water and clamped down on the boy's leg, and then stayed that way, neither moving. Alligators' teeth are turned backward so that if one pulls against them the teeth sink in further. If an alligator has his dinner and it's still alive it pulls it underwater and then spins around till dinner is drowned. The kid sat and thought about it and took out his knife and cut off his leg at the knee.

When I read that story I wanted to vote for that kid to be our president. At ten years old he had more sense and more character than damned near anyone I'd ever heard or read of before. That's the story I would have put up if I'd found it. Unfortunately, all I had was a story to plop in in a hurry, one that shows the silly side of our life. Lots of things are possible, the good, too. Those stories are just harder to find in a pinch.