Friday, February 15, 2008

Let them kafirs eat cake (2)

Here is a story and analysis from Lawrence Auster on another Muslim who feeds infidels shit.

I get much delight from looking up and sorting through graphics to illustrate these posts. Dear reader, you would thank me, if only you saw what I saw, for not putting up one of the "Muslim food" choices I had. Then again, some infidels eat the stuff and refuse to discriminate because it would make them feel bad somehow. There truly is no accounting for some people's taste.

Iranian immigrant sentenced for sprinking feces [on food for infidels] in grocery store

Iranian immigrant Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh, a legal resident in the U.S. since 1978, has been sentenced to five years in prison for sprinkling dried feces on pastries in a Dallas, Texas grocery store. He said he did it to get back at the store because the employees had been rude to him. He would dry his own feces, then grate it up with a cheese grater, and then go to the store and sprinkle it on the food. After customers complained, a camera was set up and he was caught in the act. He expressed no remorse for what he had done, saying he was seeking to insult the store, not harm anyone.

I think Nahidmobarekeh is speaking the truth about his motives. For Arabs and Muslims (and since 98 percent of Iran's population is Muslim, it's overwhelmingly likely that he is one), shame and honor are everything. When Muslims kill, behead, and blow up people, they're not doing it to harm their victims; they're doing it to shame their victims and thus restore their own honor that was violated by the victims' supposed wrongful acts against them. And this is not just a matter of individual shame and honor. All of us non-Muslims, simply by the fact of our existing as non-Muslims, are rejecting Allah and the Prophet and thus insulting Islam. Therefore when jihadist terrorists attack and kill us, they're not doing it to harm us, they're doing it to insult us and so win back their lost honor, and so restore justice to the world.

The rest of the story is at the link:

It's looking to me like a pattern. I can hear it now though: "Yes, Dag, but just because a few Muslims sprinkle shit on food they serve to infidels in Wales and Texas and perhaps some other places we don't know about doesn't mean that all Muslims do it and do so every time." So why am I suggesting a universal boycott of all things Muslim? Why am I suggesting a boycott of Muslim motor mechanics who fix your brakes? Why am I suggesting a boycott of all Muslim doctors even though it's a small handful who actually go on bombing rampages in London and Glasgow and cities in Iraq and other places? Do I have any evidence at all that every Muslim is going to do a bad job on your brakes? that every doctor is going to prescribe the wrong medication or the wrong treatment so you end up crippled or killed? That every time you buy fish and chips from a Muslim you'll be giving money to those who will finance a bombing campaign against infidels in buses and tube trains? I have no such evidence. I don't want to give the impression that I think any such thing is possible. I urge a boycott against all Muslims because all Muslims are all Muslims. I suggest that only when all Muslims are at major financial risk will all Muslims decide to police their own communities to ensure they don't suffer from the actions of the few. If all Muslim doctors are losing patients because six or a dozen Muslim doctors are suicide bombers, then those hundreds or thousands who aren't committed jihadis will step in and in their own financial interest put a stop to those wrecking their business. Far better to rely on that than to wait for the police to come and the ambulances and the sweep-washers to hose down the blood because we were to squeamish to discriminate against a hostile group who hate us so much they put shit in the food we buy from them.

I'm an easy-going guy, but I'm not going to eat shit to prove how tolerant I am. Others can do as they please.


Vancouver visitor said...

I hope you'll get somewhere with the boycott Islam campaign. Foehammer tried to popularize just such a thing a few months ago but wasn't able to get it off the ground.

If you want to be clever about it, cloak the boycott in the garb of religion and you'll be protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So, from now on, refer to yourself as THE Last Prophet who has come to spread THE true monotheism called Malsi whose God by the name of Halla has commanded its followers, Malsians, to oppress and slaughter Mohammedians whereever Malsians find them until all Mohammedans submit to the will of Halla. Your holy book would be the Naruq, within which are the unadulterated and eternal words of Halla that must be obeyed literally (just swap words in the Quran and you'll have the complete Naruq).

Dag said...

Sometimes people will get upset at me when I give them an accurate precis of Islam, they thinking I'm making up some evil nonsense to insult their intelligence and to slander Muslims, not bothering to find out that it''s true, however repulsive or outright silly. Truth is stranger than fiction, and yet many people will swallow the stuff and grin regardless, pretending it can't e all that bad. No way could it really be that bad. Uh uh, no way could it be that bad.

It really is that bad? Now way; it really can't be that bad. Can it?

Eyes said...

Gives new meaning to "this tastes like sh*t!" Sheesh, those mussies.. can't live with them, can live without them.. or something like that.

Dag said...

I got this blank look when I said: "Gee, this is just like mom used to make it." I had to explain, though I would have thought it obvious: "You remember mom? He was the short fat guy with the dirty sleeveless tee-shirt who worked in the prison kitchen, the guy with the tattoo on his forearm that said 'MOM'."

Vancouver visitor said...


I don't understand your humor.

Are you hearing Angelic voices telling you to spread the good words of Malsi yet? If so, I'll be your first disciple.

Eyes said...

:>D You're too funny Dag!

Dag said...

Damn, now I have to put in hours and hours thinking up some witty comment on how funny I am. There goes the weekend. Good thing I can't get a date or I'd have to cancel it.

Malsi? It's as mal as anything I've ever experienced, but I think I can mal it even more. I like the idea of trying! Please stay tuned for my coming masterpiece:

"Filibuster the Jihad."

I am, bye the bye, open to offers from any legitimate tabloid weekly to work as a headline writer.

Vancouver visitor said...

This piece gives me an idea:

Since Malsians are religiously obligated to oppress Mohammedans and paying taxes does the opposite of this religious tenet, Malsians are thus religiously forbidden from paying taxes. Might be worthwhile to check whether this is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.