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Does Islamic Orthopraxy Suck?

Fatwa # 11720 from Zimbabwe

Date: Wednesday, May 26th 2004

Category: Worldly Possessions

Title: I would like to know, is it allowed for a wife to suck her husbands private parts if he is wearing a flavoured condom?

Question: I would like to know, is it allowed for a wife to suck her husbands private parts if he is wearing a flavoured condom? Jazakallah

Answer: Every form of oral sex is against shame and modesty. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

I found this Islamic ruling at Shiva's blog. It's not well-understood by the world outside Islam that Islam is literally a total way of life. One must realize that Islam demands that one submit to Allah in every minute detail of ones life, and the best way of knowing one is doing it rightly is to follow the examples of Mohammed in his life, Mohammed being the Perfect Man, al-Insan al-Kamil.

Most people have heard of the Koran, though hardly even a few of those who have opinions about Islam have actually read it. The Koran is only one small part of the Sunna. The other parts are the Hadiths and the Sira, the sayings and doings of Mohammed as told by others to others, and the biographies of the life of Mohammed. Those who are shocked and or offended by such as the above think it's ridicule to post such things. Well, yes; but the question above is asked in good faith by a Muslima, (one hopes,) because she wants to know how Mohammed would have acted in this situation, i.e. in referring to the Ahadith and Sira, what do Muslim scholars say Mohammed did or what would he have done. Because even that, as above, is determined by the actions of Mohammed, recorded or inferred, the lady above felt it necessary to ask an imam what he would do in this case, referring, of course, to Mohammed. The questions are unending, as are life's tiny and infinite details. And all of it is guided by the Sunna, the basis of Sharia.

Malise Ruthven terms Islam an orthopraxy as opposed to other religions which are orthodoxies: Islam is a matter of right behavior; while others are a matter of right thinking. In lslam it matters deeply whether one can or cannot, as per above. You want to know about Islam? Ask the imam. He has an answer for everything, a total way of life guided in its most minute details. Nothing is up to you. You, if you are a Muslim, are to submit. Islam is a total way of life.

If you value your freedom at all, give some thought to how you'd like to live under Muslim rule. I opine that Islam sucketh. What would you like to be the flavour of your own life? If you're a Muslim you have no choice in that decision. If you're not a Muslim and don't want to be, consider how you'd like living as a dhimmi under Muslim rule, living as a slave of the Slaves of Allah. If you think tht might not suit you, think of what you might do to prevent it from happening.

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