Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hostage Credibility Shot

Hostage claims she made her anti-American rant on video under duress. Hostage hides homosexuality from kidnappers. Hostage pacifist turns out to have been musical collaborator with U.S. Marine Corps. And the hostages held today are all A-OK with the folks who have them, not secret homosexuals, not Marine Corp associates, not those who will tell the truth about the kidnappers once the guns are gone from the temples. No, the lot they have now and get next, those folks will be just straight-up hostages whom all can take at face-value. No need to suspect them of anything kidnapping Muslims will hate them for.

Yes, Muslims are born into a culture of learned stupidity. Islam take babies and children and turns them into Human garbage. But honestly folks, just how long can Muslims stay this stupid in the face of finding out about hostages?

Freed US reporter says forced into propaganda video
01 Apr 2006 22:22:47 GMT
Source: Reuters

BOSTON, April 1 (Reuters) -

Describing her captivity in Iraq as horrific, freed American hostage Jill Carroll disavowed critical statements she made about the United States, saying on Saturday she had been forced into making a propaganda video.

"During my last night in captivity, my captors forced me to participate in a propaganda video," she said in a statement read by Richard Bergenheim, editor of The Christian Science Monitor, the Boston-based newspaper where she worked when she was abducted in Baghdad on Jan. 7.

"They told me they would let me go if I cooperated. I was living in a threatening environment, under their control, and wanted to go home alive. I agreed," she said. "Things that I was forced to say while captive are now being taken by some as an accurate reflection of my personal views. They are not," she added in the statement made while she was in Germany two days after being freed in Baghdad.

In the video posted on a jihadist Web site that also showed videos of beheadings and attacks on American forces, Carroll denounced the U.S. presence in Iraq, praised the militants fighting American forces there and predicted the insurgents would defeat the Americans. In her statement on Saturday, she described her 82 days in captivity as "horrific" for her and her family, and thanked her supporters around the world for rallying on her behalf after she was kidnapped by Islamic militants who also killed her Iraqi interpreter.

Iraq hostage's family kept homosexuality secret
Canadian's family, partner were fearful of captors' reaction

TORONTO - Fears that Iraqi captors might harm a Canadian hostage if they knew he was gay forced his partner to remain silent as loved ones called for an end to the ordeal, a director from the freed hostage's aid group said Monday.

During his four months of captivity, James Loney's sexuality was kept out of the media at the request of his family, said Doug Pritchard, co-director of the aid group Christian Peacemaker Teams.


Loney, 41, a peace activist with Christian Peacemaker Teams, was kidnapped off the streets of Baghdad on Nov. 26 along with fellow Canadian Harmeet Sooden, 33, Briton Norm Kember, 74, and American Tom Fox, 54.

Fox's bullet-ridden body was found dumped on the streets of Baghdad on March 9.

In an appeal for her father's life issued through Christian Peacemaker Teams after his capture, Fox's daughter Katherine described him as a wanderer, an outdoorsman and a listener. He also was a gifted musician, a former clarinetist with the Marine Corps Band in Washington, she said.
"My dad wasn't a Marine, he was a musician," Fox wrote.

Fox had traded in his fatigues for a life of pacifism.

What now with hostages? Why not torture them till they 'fess up? Can Muslims be so stupid they won't suspect each and every hostage of something vile and anti-Islamic from now on? Well, far be it from me to raise this issue to sow doubts in the minds of jihadi kidnappers, but what the heck. If I were able to whisper in their ears, I'd tell them to figure that hostages are likely hiding something, especially so-called pacifists and peace wankers. But that's just me. I figure that even now Muslims will be too stupid to suspect hostages. La la la.

A short update from al-BBC:

Freed US journalist 'manipulated'

'Fear of retribution'

Jill Carroll said she was forced to make a "propaganda video" on her last night in captivity.

Nice to know the BBC is 'impartial.'

Picture above from Costa Gavras film "Z."


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