Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Get Tough or Die.

I've been on the road for nearly 35 years, and I have not lived all those days by fighting and killing those who threaten me. I live in a state of high awareness of potential and actual danger, and I live fairly peacefully. I don't fight at the drop on any hats, regardless. The crazies are long since dead, too stupid to work out a cautious solution. Then again, there have been moments in these long years when reason would not do, and I bear the scars of need. Though I don't fight people as a matter of course even in the long duration of this odd life I know there are times when not to fight is to die. Here I am.
Most civilized people could not bear the life of an adventurer for more than a long weekend, a few days camping or hiking. My face looks like an old brick wall. I scare people. Not surprisingly, few wish to fight with me. Civilised people move away from me in supermarkets. Primitive people move around me. I'm an easy-going guy. Most people like me. I am also a very nasty guy at times. Do you think you want to avoid me?

We were four in the room on the second floor one night when we were awakened by the sounds of what we thought was a large cat being tortured. We ran to the balcony and looked out onto the street in the darkness to see a struggling peasant tied to a wooden street post. He shrieked as the first whacks hit his arms; and as the machete blows continued we stood in sickness and disgust watching him slowly dissolve into man hamburger.

We didn't sleep or speak the rest of the night. One must wonder why a gang of men would butcher another man like that. It was probably a matter of rough justice that we would have approved of had we but known the reason for it. Or maybe not. We moved on in the morning. This was not a Club Med vacation. We made our way through the jungle instead. We were tough. We survived.

Europe faces a primitive enemy today, and while one might think it's Islam the fact is that the enemy is our primitive fear of emotional harm. We don't want to be tough and ugly. We want to look nice and smell good. We want people to like us. We do not want to be dirty and scary.

30 guests in a Swedish public bath watched as a 17-year-old girl was raped recently, and nobody did anything. The girl was first approached by 16-year-old boy. He and his friends followed her as she walked away to the grotto, and inside the grotto he got her blocked in the corner, ripped off her bikini and raped her, while his friend held her firm.

In an online readers' poll from the newspaper Aftonbladet, 82% of the women expressed fear to go outside after dark. There are reports of rapes happening in broad daylight.

Swedish girls Jenny and Linda were on their way to a party on New Year's Eve when they were assaulted, raped and beaten half to death by four Somali immigrants. Sweden's largest newspaper has presented the perpetrators as "two men from Sweden, one from Finland and one from Somalia", a testimony as to how bad the informal censorship is in stories related to immigration in Sweden. Similar incidents are reported with shocking frequency, to the point where some observers fear that law and order is completely breaking down in the country. The number of rape charges in Sweden has tripled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six - 6 - times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have rapidly increased, to o. Instability is spreading to most urban and suburban areas.



"Real Men Moisturize." So begins an article on "Sharp Dressed Men" that appeared in a State Department funded magazine aimed at youth in the Arab world. The magazine, called "Hi" is published in Arabic and English. A State Department website explains that Hi is published "with the hope of building bridges of greater understanding among our cultures."

The article continues: "In fact, some of them, like Michael Gustman, a 25-year-old public relations account executive from Boca Raton, Fla., even have separate moisturizers for the face and body. Facial pores can clog with too heavy a salve, it seems. Not long ago, these and other habits would have been considered odd for a male. Gustman exfoliates. He gets manicures. He gets pedicures. He gets facials. He gets his hair done every two weeks. He accessorizes. He puts effort into getting ready for a date. He loves cooking complex dishes. He's a refined, evolved, sensitive guy. In a word, he's a metrosexual."

Photos of French girl being beaten from:


The photo accompanying the story pictures the male author seated in a pedicure chair, pants rolled up to his knees, along with half a dozen women enjoying the same treatment. (The women's faces aren't visible, but we can guess that they look puzzled or possibly even repelled.) http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/charen060305.asp

By Lowell Ponte
FrontPageMagazine.com | March 28, 2006

Europe's botched civilization, perverted by socialism and lost faith, seems to have lost the will, the passion to sustain itself. If it continues to practice today's multiculturalist leftism, Europe's demographic doom will be sealed. Some harbingers:

In Brussels, Belgium, the most popular name for baby boys is now Mohammad. Sustaining the population of a nation requires that on average each couple gives birth to 2.1 children. The average European couple now has fewer than 1.4 babies, compared to 3.6 babies born to the average Muslim immigrant couple in Europe. Across Western Europe 16 to 20 percent of babies are being born into Muslim families.

In France at least 12 percent of the population is already Muslim, the fruits mostly of immigrants from former French colonies in North Africa. If present birth trends continue, by 2030 a quarter of France's people will be Muslim, more than enough to determine who controls the national parliament and executive. As this columnist recently noted, the nuclear-armed French military is already 15 percent Muslim. Adjacent Switzerland is now 20 percent Muslim.
The German newspaper Deutsche Welle days ago reported that Germany's birth rate in 2005 fell to a level lower than at the end of World War II, to a "historic low," more than fifty percent lower than those of France and Great Britain. But at a meeting this week in Berlin that brought together the interior ministers of six European nations, Germany's leftwing Social Democrats continued to oppose the application of any test or standard that would restrict who could migrate into Germany.

The burgeoning Muslim population within Europe is not evenly spread. It is largely concentrated in and around big cities, whose local politicians feel its pressure acutely and often bend to that pressure. In the Netherlands the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam nearly have Muslim majorities now.

These Islamic enclaves are already taking on the character of conquered provinces that no longer belong to the European countries around them. As FrontPage Magazine recently quoted from the new book While Europe Slept by liberal American expatriate Bruce Bawer:

In France, a public official met with an imam at the edge of Roubaix's Muslim district out of respect for his declaration of the neighborhood as Islamic territory to which she had no right of access. In Britain, imams have pressed the government to officially designate certain areas of Bradford as being under Muslim, not British, law. In Denmark, Muslim leaders have sought the same kind of control over parts of Copenhagen. And in Belgium, Muslims living in the Brussels neighborhood of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek already view it not as part of Belgium but as an area under Islamic jurisdiction in which Belgians are not welcome.


Either we get tough or we die. I'm no tough guy like Bogart or Tom Cruise in the movies. I make my way around the world as I am and I live and love and fool around as I please. For some few moments over the course of 35 years there have been episodes of physicality. They are few because I have boundaries that others recognise from a distance, and few cross them. That makes life easier for me and for those who would transgress to their dismay. Europe and its Muslim populations must learn this lesson or not. If there are nativist boundaries backed up by a muscular attitude, then Muslims will assimilate or leave Europe, preventing the civil war that will otherwise come. Or Europeans will lie down and get kicked to death. This situation doesn't require crazed violence on the part of the natives of Europe. It does require sense and some rational defence of the reasonable. Europe cannot continue on this current road for another 35 years. Europe will have to get tough or die.


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If you want to join the international effort I have proposed go here: http://islamicevilcommentary.blogspot.com/

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I've been trying to read this all week. I agree wholeheartedly. I'm also no 'from the movies hero' but have often enough been considered too large for the mark of such jackals. I feel more scarred by having witnessed things that, I had said at the time, were none of my business. Thanks for such a stirring post.