Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thursday Meetings

We will again meet at VPL in the atrium Thursday from 7-9:00 pm to try to find ways to deal with the threat of impending sharia in the West. The storm is approaching rapidly, and those who are not prepared will find themselves overtaken by the flood of misery sure to come.

You can prepare for this onslaught of Islamic jihad against us by meeting with your neighbours and community members to plan an alternative future. It doesn't have to turn out wrong for us, but if we do nothing but await the end it wil come and we will be lost. Go out and meet your meighbours and friends and plan for the future. Wear a blue scarf or a anything at all that will identify you to those of interest. Let people know that you wil be available for them. We can win this struggle if we work together as community menmbers and as concerned citizens.

We'll be at Vancouver Public Library in the atrium Thursday evening. Where will you be?

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maccusgermanis said...

Pilgrim and I were at the infidel pig fest that is Jim & Nick's, though no-one else showed. I haven't really advertised like I should, hoping to grow organically, and somewhere picking up someone with more organizational experience.