Monday, March 27, 2006

Sebastian In Paris Writes:

Sebastian writes from Paris on more street fighting and rioting by Muslim "yoots." I continue to predict that by mid-April the Eurofada will erupt in France and that by August France will be under martial law. The rioting, I suggest, will spread across northern Europe from France, and that by August it will engender sympathy riots across the Muslim world.

Sebastian writes:

I cannot find independent confirmation of this but it appears that the centre of Saint Denis was trashed by around 100 to 150 'djeunes' [yoots] after which only 3 people were arrested.

The story appeared in the Parisien, and the article has subsequently been pulled from the online edition.

My source is second hand from the Salon Beige Blog.

Saint Denis under Seige

"While some smashed windows with rocks and stole jewelry, other grabbed the cash register while threatening us. It was worst than a hold-up"

From 9 am to midday, between 100 and 150 youth sowed terror in a beseiged town centre, closed off to traffic by the police....The first events occured outside the Lycée Eluard..but the main trouble occured in the pedestrianised shopping areas. Two other jewelry shops and a phone shop were trashed and pillaged on the Rue de la Republique, 10 or so shops on the rue Gabriel-Peri, and as many automobiles damaged. "Even during the November (Ramadan) Riots we had never seen such violence"

Sebastian continues:

There are photos somewhere about this attack but I cannot find them. It's also rather strange that the Parisien, which is the only paper which covered this has removed the story from its web site.

When a mob attacked passengers on a train on the 1st of January the same cover up occured for several days before it turned out some passengers refused not to press charges.

[See Train Attack: 40 Yoots attack 600 French on Nice Lyon Train, Jan. 1, 2006.]

You may or may not be aware that the Islamo-African youths are piggy backing on the French students who are also rioting for the right to continue ignoring the economics of the labour market. These same socialist students are getting the crap kicked out of them by the Arabs and blacks. Even French students wearing keffiyehs are getting mugged by dozens of immigrant youths.

The word schadenfreude is not used in France, but this might be a time for the Academie to debate this word's inclusion into the gallic lexicon.

[Academie Francaise decides by committee which words to include in the official version of the French language.]

Videos of the recent violence can be found from this link

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