Friday, March 31, 2006

Danes Outdo Themselves.

I find myself to be disgusting sometimes. I like wonem, as a rule, and I have what I think is deep sympathy for Muslim women. And yet, there are those many times that I see Muslim women and I want to punch them in the face. You likely don't care to know what I feel about Muslim men. What though do I do about my hatred of Islam when it's personified by a woman? I have trouble dealing with my own self confronted with a vicious and murderous lying bitch who'd mutilate her own daughters, who'd sell her children into slavery, who'd dress up her kids and send them off to commit a homicide bombing. I know Islam too well t be taken in by the lies of it. All my natural sympathy for the defenseless evaporates, and in it's place I feel nothing but anger.

The Danes, what to do about them? What to do about a group of people who pander like capos, living for a week till they die, leaving for the next lot the first job of hauling out their predecessors to the creamtoria? This whole business makes me sick. I do not deserve this. I did nothing to deserve this. None of us deserves this affront to Human decency. The story below shames us all.

By Nidal Abu Arif, IOL Correspondent

COPENHAGEN, March 31, 2006 ( – The first hijab-clad talk show presenter has appeared on the Danish television to discuss Danish society's pressing issues topped by the cartoons that lampooned Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

"I'm seeking to project a good image about hijab-clad Muslim women in Denmark," Asmaa Abdol-Hamid told Friday, March 31.

Asmaa, 24, appeared for the first time on the small screen on Wednesday, March 29.

She has been selected to co-present a talk show with Danish reporter Adam Holm.

"It has been a bold move from the Danish television and a step in the right direction," she said.

Denmark has been the focus of Muslim anger following the publication of THE offensive cartoons by mass-circulation Jyallands Posten last September.

The 12 cartoons, including one showing the Prophet with a bomb-shaped turban, were later reprinted by European newspapers on claims of freedom of expression.

Proud Muslim

Asmaa co-presents the program with Danish journalist Adam Holm.

The young lady has grown up in Denmark since she was six years old.

"I'm proud to be a Danish Muslim of Palestinian origin," said Asmaa, who is doing an MA in sociology.

"My family has supported me and gave me full freedom of choice," she added.

Asmaa has been singled out of four other competitors for the TV program.

"I was the only hijab-clad woman among the candidates," she noted.

"It is now my responsibility to present the true image of Islam as an ambassadress of the Muslim faith."

Asmaa rejected that she was chosen for hijab or as a gesture of goodwill from the Danish government to the Muslim world.

"I have the necessary qualifications for the job as a fluent Danish speaker and a confident presenter and interviewer," she explained.

Love/Hate Mails

Asmaa believes that her hijab will be the talk of the audience at the very beginning.

"But I'm confident that with the passage of time they would come to realize my distinct personality and presentation."

She said that she had received love and hate e-mails from Danish viewers.

"Some e-mails were critical and offensive; but I was never provoked and dealt with them in accordance with our Islamic teachings, trying to explain my viewpoints to the senders."

She hopes that her program will appeal to the Muslim minority in the country, urging Danish Muslims to participate and integrate into society.

"This would help Muslims become part and parcel of Danish society," she said.

Muslims make up around three percent of Denmark’s 5.3 population, making Islam the second largest religion after the Lutheran Protestant Church.

Islam, however, is not recognized by the state unlike Christianity and Judaism.

Fight, you worthless Danish bastards.


meredith said...

I didn't mind this move by the Danes, maybe the talkshow could cover it. I hope they have an opinion piece ready for the public to comment.

dag said...

This is a companion piece with the one above. I wonder about the difference between those like B.F. Skinner and Viktor Frankl. The man depends much, I think, on his mates: if one learnes from others the values of the Sikhs and the Japanese, then one might desert from those values, but more likely not, and one might well be a hero no matter what. Each man, regardless, will stand with his mates till the end. And they for him, and all for all. I like it. I admire it greatly. More, though, do I love the buglar who made his own choice when others better able did nothing. That transcends the beauty of a groups loyalty and heroism. The individual who will take on the task without others and in spite of others, and in spite of himself, that is beauty.

I don't slot all this into war and physical conflict: my hero is Socrates, a soldier, it's true, but a man who lived to the end as independent in the mind, loyal to his friends, and certain in his pursuit of the good. He's one in a million. Denmark has five million people, and it appears their Socratic men immigrated some time before now.

It's been my observation that Danish soldiers are dedicated professionals, every bit as brave as Sihks and Japanese. I'm wondering where are the buglars? I'm wondering where are the Danes who will volunteer? Who among them will stand while others shuffle? Instead, I see cowardice and shameful behaviour.

If Socrates wanted to be liked he might still be alive today. He preferred honesty, and he died for it. In the Danish case, honesty is the only thing to save them. It takes a leader to shake people from a bad idea and to make them see the universe in a different perspective. It takes someonee to storm the ramparts unarmed and alone while the others wait for better times. Or they continue to blindly and stupidly walk like peace-nik lemmings off the nearest cliff.

truepeers said...

Dag, have you seen this from Galliawatch?:

"I pray that lucidity will finally win out for the exasperated and frightened French, the way it appears to be winning out in Denmark where the following petition is, it would seem, having a resounding success:

"We regret having offered you a haven when war forced you to flee your country. We regret having welcomed you when others turned you away. We regret having given you free housing, free education, free health care and a minimum revenue even without work. We regret having approved your mosques in our ancient Christian land. We regret having done all that without even requiring that you learn our ways and our language in return. We really do regret. And now, go to hell!

"Note: I do not know any more about this petition than what is stated above. Occidentalis got it from Novopress who got it from France-Courtoisie, a subscriber-only website. The last line should be modified. I understand the sentiment, but it is counter-productive to use that in a petition. I don't know for whom the petition is intended. Will try to update."