Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why are they lying to us?

Security fears about infiltration by terrorists

By Bill Gertz
February 22, 2006
Several Bush-administration security officials expressed concerns yesterday that terrorists could infiltrate seaports through a United Arab Emirates company that is vying to manage six U.S. ports.

Intelligence and security officials opposed to the deal with Dubai Ports World said ports are vulnerable to the entry of terrorists or illicit weapons because of the large number of containers that enter U.S. territory, regardless of who manages them.

A Persian Gulf state such as the United Arab Emirates could provide an infrastructure for terrorists to penetrate U.S. security as part of a major terrorist operation, the officials said.

George Tenet: U.S. Didn't Target Bin Laden Because He Was With UAE Royal Family

Of course, this was in the days before 9/11:

The Central Intelligence Agency did not target Al Qaeda chief Osama bin laden once as he had the royal family of the United Arab Emirates with him in Afghanistan, the agency's director, George Tenet, told the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States on Thursday.

Had the CIA targeted bin Laden, half the royal family would have been wiped out as well, he said.


posted by Pastorius

When are our public intellectuals, our moral leaders, our politicians going to stop lying to us? When will we reach the breaking point?


Aisha's lost doll said...

"When are our public intellectuals, our moral leaders, our politicians going to stop lying to us? When will we reach the breaking point?"

When Kaffir solidarity emerges. OK they're killing Jews. I'm not Jewish - no worries! They're burning Hindu's - I'm not Hindu -doesn't concern me.

They're beheading Buddhists - that's Dalai Lama's problem. Jihadist attack on Denmark - I'm not Danish

Islam will always be someone else's problem until the day that they torch your house or rape your daughter.

max said...

This is the worst possible event in the war on terrorism. It probably increases the likelihood of nuclear attack on the N. Am continent of about 5000 percent in the next 10 years.

The problem is that all systems are corruptible, someone can always be bought off or pressured such as through his family.

Now in a home American company though equally corruptible, no one it that company's origin would support terrorism. That is not the case for the UAE.

So with such an enormous danger, what is the problem? It is the problem of political cronyism or "Good Ole Boy" cronyism. Bush , though his policies are correct,continues to use the Good Ole Boy system. Probably his own religious background is the flaw in his character. He continues to believe that "Good Ole Boy" or the Elite are the "good guys" and free form corruption. That is how Abu Grahib happened , he just trusted Good Ole Boys without any controls of inspection. It is also why Bush made so many military mistakes in Iraq, such as disbanding the Iraqi army because he trusted Good Ole Boys without having any counter inspection method. Even I knew immediately two years ago that it was a mistake to disband the army. It was obvious it left no one to maintain law and order.

Another way of expressing this weakness is calling ti the philosophy of elitism. It is the belief that those from the elite can do no wrong. and the belief is constantly shown false.
It can't be changed. I personally intend to go back to Asia, to teach and I intend to grow old and die there where I am safe.
I will leave the nuclear explosions and the Muslims to my fellow idiot Canadians and Americans who have lost control of their Governments.
Yes, I do do blame almost everyone in my society for supporting the political system that is allied with corporate power. There are two totalitarian threats to my freedom, one without and one within.
I damn everyone who participates in the system including everybody who votes for any party that sustains corporate power and elitism . You the public have no one to blame but yourself for both the Muslims and your Government because you supported Corporate parties to power and still support them. In fact there has been no change in political party in Canada. The Corporate Party is still in power.
People here are hopeless, you will all die and it will be all your own fault. If you really wanted political change you could have it overnight. You are all zombie puppets and you invite a reign of death on yourselves. The only problem I have with that is that it also falls on me.
I will sneer at your idiot corpses from my safe haven in Asia.

Old English? I've had a few and I did it my way.

aisha's lost doll said...

Look on the funny side (bombheads want to be taken seriously and CANNOT TOLERATE RIDICULE):

Q: How do you identify a well-balanced Muslim?

A: He's got chips on both shoulders.

Q: What's the difference between Dar-al-Islam and a pot of yoghourt?

A: A pot of yoghourt contains a living culture.

kevin said...

Breaking point?
Oh, I say if we suffered a major terrorist attack here on US soil, say... a few thousand dead would do it.
never mind, that already happened ...maybe if we suffered a reeeeellly major attack, say ten thousand dead....

But seriously, I ask myself that all the time. 9/11, Madrid, 7/7, what the heck is it going to take?

dag said...

There's no need to remain calm. We do not have to move along as if there really is nothing to see. We can stop and look and discuss openly our problems. We don't have to rely on others to give us permission. We can meet and discuss openly this problem of Islam and fascist dhimmitude. We can change our nations. It takes people willing to act in thier own best interests. We do that by meeting on Thursday evenings at mcDonald's to discuss Islam and dhimmitude. It's a great start,a nd one we have to make individually. We cannot change the world by our selves, but we can band together as individuals to effect chnge. That's democracy in action. The rest is, well, not so much democracy at all. We meet. You too can meet your neighbours. Give them a chance.