Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cartoon Madness" It's a Jewish Conspiracy.

What do you get when you cross a psychotic culture with a population of organically stupid people? Palestinians. And then there are those people in Boston who are every bit as stupid and repulsive and mentally ill as the average Palestinian. What one gets in combining a Palestinian with a Bostonian dhimmi leftist is the kind of garbage conspiracy theory that we excerpt below put here only to prove to the reader that you just can't make up shit this stupid.

Sayanim – Defenders of Western Civilization

The sayanim, derived, according to Victor Ostrovsky, from the Hebrew word 'to help' are a huge world-wide network of Jews in strategic or useful places (real estate, mass media, finance, car dealerships etc…) who have been agreed to help in Israeli Mossad actitivies within their own countries. This has been ascribed to the supra-national loyalty sayanim offer to Israel, above and not always in the interest of their home country. According to Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, in their detailed biography, Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy (Carroll and Graf Publishers, 2002), the notorious media mogul, Robert Maxwell, was a super-sayanim, providing cover, offices, political connections, money-laundering services and planted stories in the service of Israel at the Mossad's beheast. Jonathan Pollard, the American Naval Researcher jailed for espionage, is another notorious sayanim. The activities of these 'helpers' really range from the spectacular to the more mundane and, according to Victor Ostrovsky, in his 1990 biography By Way of Deception, the sayanim represent a pool of thousands of active and inactive individuals who can provide services discretely out of loyalty to 'the cause of Israel' as defined by any current Mossad operation. The cynicism of this arrangement is clear: It makes little difference to the Mossad if an operation, such as 'Flemming Rose', jeopardizes the national and economic interests of the sayanim's own country and , if exposed, might harm the status of Jews in the diaspora. The standard response from the Mossad would be: "So what's the worst that could happen to those Jews? They'd all come to Israel? Great." This recklessness clearly has ramifications for Jews who have refused to be recruited as Mossad helpers in affected countries.

The reasons that millions are demonstrating against a caricature of Mohammed published in an insignificant Scandinavian rightwing newspaper is that this is the last straw – the detonator – of a series of deliberate violations of fundamental social and political rights of Muslim, Arab and colonized peoples. While the Western media have focused exclusively on the religious content of the demonstrators, almost every country, where massive sustained demonstrations have taken place, has been subject to recent Western intervention, large-scale pillage of raw materials and/or experienced the destruction of their secular rights: countries invaded, homes, schools, hospital, systems of health and clean water demolished, agriculture and natural resources looted, museums, libraries and archeological sites pillaged and mosques desecrated. The present condition for material existence has been a Western inferno for all the people (both secular and observant) living in Arab or Islamic countries. Now their most profound, historic, spiritual reference point, the prophet Mohammed – the most cherished religious figure – has been repeatedly trampled with impunity by arrogant imperialists, their media servants, aided and abetted by the Israeli state and its overseas 'sayanin' operatives. It is cynical to suggest that practicing Moslems could desecrate the figure of Jesus Christ with impunity when that too is forbidden by the Koran.


There's more. There's much more. Lunatics can't help themselves from running on without end. And the problem is that many of our so-called Left intellectuals are not significantly better than the mornons responsible for the crap above. We often nod and smile when we hear the crap above voiced in public. We read it in the MSM, though put more or less euphemistically. We get this racist drivel from our universities, and now from the likes of Neil Bush, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton. It's time to stand up in public and let the people around us know that this is too stupid and repulsive to go unchallenged any longer. When we hear this crap from people on the bus or in the market we have not only a right but a duty to tell them to go fuck themselves. We do not have to be polite to creatures like this. They deserve scorn and ridicule and spit. But there are those who will imprison us for "hate-speech" and "religious vilification" if we voice our oppostion to this kind of outrageous mental illness. To that I have this to say:

My name is Dag Walker. You can find me at our weekly meeting at McDonald's in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday evening from 7-9:00 pm at Main st and Terminal ave. I wear a blue scarf. You can't miss me. If you don't like it, arrest me.

Mohammed is a child molestor, a murderer, a criminal psychopath. Palestinians are garbage people who should be imprisoned whole. Those who support them should be hanged from lamp posts. If there's any ambiguity in my positon I am happy to elaborate.


Always On Watch said...

The sayanim, derived, according to Victor Ostrovsky, from the Hebrew word 'to help' are a huge world-wide network of Jews in strategic or useful places (real estate, mass media, finance, car dealerships etc…) who have been agreed to help in Israeli Mossad actitivies within their own countries.

Reminds me a bit of The Protocols of Zion.

dag said...

I made my way through the whole long piece, and I came away from it pretty disgusted. Yes, it's outright neo-Nazi racism, a paraphraze of the Protocols. How people can condone this kind of evil rubbish is beyond me. But then, there are many things I will never comprehend. Thank God for that.

Stogie said...

Aha! Now I see how the huge Jewish consiracy works! Thanks for that. :)

I also have no sympathy for the so-called Palestinians. They could have made peace decades ago and now be living in prosperity, but hatred and murder of Jews is more important to them. An Islamic society is a sick society.

thecutter said...

who ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, if not those who took their land. Don't bother abusing me, just enjoy your world view while it lasts.

x said...

Israelis are criminals and know it, you just don't dare upset your Zionist masters, which feed your consumerist appetites; you clearly watch way too much TV, mall creatures.

Find yourself some worthy target, say the child molesting criminals in the Vatican, or better yet, the Evangelist fundamentalists running the show on Capitol hill (yes, the ones that sent your brothers and sisters to die in the ME).
The fact that you meet in McDonalds shows what a bunch of corporate suckling amatuers you really are...ha!
See you round, fools.

Anonymous said...

Hellpig said...

five years ago I wouldn't have called myself a supporter of Isreal

But the more I learn about the Blood thirsty Cult of Islam and thier child raping false prophet Muhammad(Pedophile Be Upon Her)

I am behind Isreal whatever thier intentions might be,for the one thing I do know,is thier hatred for the cult of Islam is a GOOD thing.

I can't wait for the (US/Isreal)Iranian strike should be sweet.

David Schantz said...

What do you do when you have problems with both sides?

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

dag said...

David asks what we do when we have problems with both sides, in this case feeling sympathy for the Palestinians who are fighting for a land of their own against a land of people who are both powerful and assaulted on all sides. What do we do?

Setting aside my usual fanaticism momentarily, not taking a partisan postion at all, how do I come to decisions about troubling dilemmas? I do not pray for revelation. I do not rely on the television or the newspaper. Nor do I rely on the public opinion that generates the ideas most citizens have on concerns of public importance. I don't ask my friends. I don't look at what others think and mimic them. I don't cling to the ideas I think are mine and despise and hate those who disagree with me. I'm fortunate in that I can travel where I please and live as I choose for as long as I do. And I do so as one man who cares not a damn for other people's opinions just because they have them.

Unlike religious people or ideologues I don't know the truth. I believe that no one short of God knows the truth, and since I'm an atheist I have no expectation of ever finding it. I'm highly suspicious of those who tell me they know. In fact, I question them until I'm satisfied that I understand what they think they think, and then I dismiss them. Then I go on.

I go on, unlike the religious, unlike the ideologues, certainly unlike the idiots above, with a goal. Amateur that I am, I sit at the agora, at McDonald's, for example, and I go to the acropolis seldom. I have a goal. My goal is to find the Moral.

I question the living and I question the dead. I talk and I read. I listen and I think. I question.

I don't claim to know the truth, but I do claim to know more that the grunters above and the killers they ape and grovel to. And I know the killers because I live with them. I know the just because I live with them too. They tell me how I should know them. I examine them as they are, and then, having thought, I decide.

Unlike the religious and the ideologues, I now that some is better and some is worse; and from that I know that some is good and some is evil.

How do you decide? Start by not deciding. Because really, what do you know?

Stogie said...


Are you completely ignorant of the history of Israel, or just an antisemite?

No, you enjoy your worldview, because Islamofascism, including the Palestinian variety, will be destroyed.

truepeers said...

Hmm, there are lots of truths one can know. Like, it's raining. One just can't know the whole and entire truth and nothing but the truth. IN human affairs, what is true is either 1) what works for people or 2) what is more explanatory than the explanations that came before. For example, Dag's comments are rather more illuminating re the human condition than are x's or cutter's. They promote my human self-understanding. What is the ultimate proof that they are true, relative to what came before? Well, if in the long run more people think like Dag than those other fellows, the truth is proven.

Dag professes he does not know the truth, but in fact I'd bet that the market says he does. Humanity is fundamentally based on relations of exchange and we find our truths therein; the more complex or free the network of exchange, the more truth therein, just as there is more human truth to be found in studying Mcdonald's than vegetarianism, not that I'm knocking the latter for those who like an austere truth.

dag said...

Truepeers, that is my laugh for the day. Thank very much.

thecutter said...

your goal is to find the moral, then why do you insist that Israel is moral? Some arguments please.

As a famous sufi from Mali once said: there are three truths - My truth, your truth and the truth.

Keep working on Moral, you probably won't get there, but you have quite a road to go and the trip might be interesting.

x said...

Well, Dag. It looks like I owe you an apology.
Forgive me confusing you with the likes of stogie...not that stogie is not entitled to its opinion.
I do not have an advantage over the truth. Why even saying such a thing sounds foolish.
My concern is the plight of the
palestinians, for now. I do not preach that I know anything about anyone, but I do ask those that have formulated their opinions about palestinians to question their stance, their motives.
Principally, I am against zionism.
I mistook your blog for one of those zionist mouthpieces, run by fools who think they are "helping the cause", and do not realise they are feeding the machine.
But what do I know, right?
All I know is the machine is targetting palestinians, a microcosm for the future of the non-corporate world; if you have any doubts, see the aftermath of Katrina for my more evidence, on North American soil.
My aim, should I have one, is to get people to think for themselves.
Alas, in my experience, people are lazy and peddle anything they see or read, just to be accepted, just to be left alone...
With regards to these toons, they came out last Sept/Oct 2005! My question is why is it a hot issue now, 5 months later? Cartoons by nature are subversive. These cartoons are meaningless without a context. You have to go back to the islamophobic behaviour that's errupted in the developed countries, namley the US and EU, over the last five years, coupled with some elementary knowledge of Islam, to fully comprehend the reactions (on all sides); not I do not condone those reactions, it should have stopped at flag burning and boycotting Danish goods (the rest is just mob frenzy spinning out of control).
Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

X and Cutter,

You guys both seem to be either angry or hateful of Israel’s presence as a Jewish state in the surrounding Muslim countries …could you, yourselves, be Muslims? If so, the reaction is normal and common, though misguided. I feel nothing but pity for fools who are fueled by hateful ideologies and warped leaders who have used you as pawns to further their positions of power.

For one thing, cutter, you have no concept of the word moral. If you throw yourself in with the likes of people who strap bombs on their kids and send them wandering into a crowded shopping center …if you believe the racist, hatred-filled literature taught at schools and the very notion that Jews are spawned from ‘pigs and apes’ …if deception, lies, two-faced negotiating, and utter contempt for human life is your moral high mark, then you simply are worse than the average murderer. You, yourself, are a pig …but that’s being disrespectful to pigs.

Another, x, there is very little Islamophobia in the US …most people are too lazy or stupid to realize what they should truly fear, not this lame concept of ‘terrorists’ –to state that Islam is the greatest threat to the western ideals, to modern civilization, and to each and every individual thinking mind, would be a breath of fresh air. The ‘machine’ may be targeting the Palestinians, but for good reason: they’ve elected a known ‘terrorist’ group as their ruling party, can’t accept a peace deal due to the stifled thinking patterns of Islam and the notion that ‘once dar-islam, always dar-islam’ …which, truth be told, is simply more fuel for war, hatred, and never-ending bickering between the two.

If only the surrounding countries way back in the day when Israel was given to the Jews had accepted Israel’s rights as a sovereign nation instead of pumping more and more ‘palestinians’ (don’t even get me started on that one …that name is as made up as ‘Islamaphobia is) into the area in order to wage jihad against the ‘occupiers (given their land BACK from ages and ages of barbarous Muslim rule in the FIRST PLACE) then we wouldn’t have this problem. Come on, let’s call a spade a spade, why don’t we?

What’s wrong with Zionism, x? Could you be upset that it’s produced a civilized society, that it’s created a beautiful country, and it’s a positive force compared to the garbage, the rubble, the debris, and the destruction that comes from just outside it’s boarders?

truepeers said...

Cutter, X, see also this argument

x said...


I will not engage your pitiful, rude "arguments"; muslims ARE being targetted in the US...
you have heard of guantanamo bay.

There is plenty wrong with any ideology that feels comfortable with ethnic cleansing.
I will leave it at that.

You're not serious truepeers, are you?
What pair of amatuers.

truepeers said...

A talented amateur is something to be admired, but perhaps that's something resentful children canot see.

Final word. To be against Israel, you have to be opposed to one or another of the following: 1)immigrants (e.g. of Jews to Palestine, pre-1948) or human migration more generally. 2) nations as opposed to empires or tribes; nations that defend themselves as need be, nations that impose a brutal but honest, necessary reciprocity on their violent neighbors
3)the Israeli claim that it is impossible to share their nation with Muslims in some kind of federal state, precisely because serious, Koran-reading Muslims, refuse to share in any form of statehood in which Jews have any official authority, as Jews, over Muslims. So no federal state is possible in Israel. Only a two-state solution is a possibility. But what "Palestinian leader" seriously negotiates this possibility? None. They act and speak as if they all want the Jews pushed into the sea.

So my fellow human beings who hate Israel, which of the three is the real basis of your opposition to Israel?

Since i predict no honest answer coming from our trolls, i have only left to say: Cutter and X wipe away you self-deluding resentments: you want Jews dead. Just admit it, just say it a thousand times, and then maybe you can find the resolve and at least speak with the honesty of most of the Arabs and Iranians. Show the world what you really are.

x said...

And what, pray tell, is a talented amatuer? More foolishness. Please truepeers, get a grip.

Before I dispense with your irrationale,
I will say this, your word is hardly final.

You make a fatal assumption, little one. For not only do you speak in cliche, your formulation is flawed. I will put it another way, the 3 options you provide, according to your words, define israel.
I think this a rather shallow way to proceed.
I doubt you will find many israelis who would agree with you, let alone the options that you provide.
Honest enough?

truepeers said...

Not much cogent in your response, Mr. X. But something needs to be said about this:

"your word is hardly final"

Damn straight. But i wonder, is that what all Mohammedans say to Jews?

Of course the whole point of our faith is that we never pretend to have the final word. Our committment to the truth is premised not on its non-existence, but on the fact that we can never grasp it in its entirety; we must patiently forever await the return of the Messiah who will only come the day after the day he finally comes.

The Mohammedans on the other hand believe they have the final word. And that's why they cause so many problems for the world trying to shove their word down everyone's throats. Unfortunately, they have on average about as much intelligence as Mr. X, and can't get very far by discursive means, and so they turn to the sword. WHen that fails they turn to the suicide bomber. When that fails the nuclear bomb. When that fails the stone axe. Getting us to bomb the whole world back to the stone age is the only hope for regaining your Caliphate, so keep hating Israel: as long as it's around we won't be fighting with stone axes.

The Jews are smart, creative, pushy, precisely because they know they don't have the final word, but never give up looking and waiting for the next non-final word, because they know humanity cannot survive without continually renewing the non-final word. And antisemitism and anti-Zionism boils down to resentment of these pushy creative people who don't accept the word as it is given by CHrist or Mohammed as being divine or final, whatever (non-final) truths they might nonetheless see and even embrace in these other faiths. Get it? Help save the world, convert today!

HeatherRae said...

For me, it comes down to this:

God told Abraham, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse." (Genesis 12:3a NIV)

God keeps His promises. He keeps them even when we break them. If He makes a covenant, He sticks by it. He made a Covenant with Abraham, and He keeps that Covenant to this day.

So, to my mind, that makes cursing Israel a rather risky endeavor. Add in the fact that Christ was Jewish, and the part in Revelations that requires the Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem, and this becomes an insurrmountable problem for those who wish to abandon or destroy Israel. God's already said it ain't happening, and I really don't see why people keep trying to do it.