Thursday, February 23, 2006

Revolution Bleue: France

Below is a letter from our friend Sebastian who reports on some events and conditions in France. The situation is only hopeless if people give up hope and quit caring enough about their own lives to act on the behalf of themsleves and the nations they live in. We are meeting this evening at McDonald's in Vancouver, Canada, not because we have such a problem as France or America or Denmark or Australia but because to do nothing is to have a problem that will be as bad if we do nothing. We won't wait for things to get that bad. We act.

Tonight a confrontation is expected between the porc soup kitchen and the authorities in Maubert Mutualite, a rather nice area on the Left Bank. I will be popping round to take a look. You will be able to read about it tomorrow on France Echos.

Tomorrow, a very large demonstration of support is expected in front of the Danish Embassy. It has been called jointly by all the main anti dhimmi organisations such as Occidentalis and the Revolution Blue. The details are here.

You are also no doubt aware of the horrific murder of Ilan, who was tortured to death over a period of three weeks, mostly because he was jewish. This is a story that the state can no longer run away from, despite the fact that no one from the government attended his funeral. Last night they caught the ringleader Yossef Fofana, who had fled to the Ivory Coast. He had flown with Air France under his real name and was booked into a hotel in Abidjan under his real name. It reminds me of failed suicide bomber who left London via Eurostar and took a train to Rome from Paris despite his face being on every poster in Britain. Judging by the amount of muslims working at border controls I think we can say that we are totally undefended.

It appears that the police in Abidjan were very helpful in apprehending this Youssef Fofana (link here )

On the 26th of February, numerous jewish organisations have organised a walk through Bagneux, the town where Ilan was martyred. They plan to to place a wreath at the foot of the building where he was systematically mutilated for 24 days. It appears (although it is not confirmed) that certain organisations have been advised by the police not to go to this march because their security cannot be assured. If this is true, then Bagneux is truly Dar al Harb.

The parents were telephoned by the torturers so that they could hear his screams. Verses of the Koran were also recited over the phone. Not all the gang were muslim. There is a portuguese man involved and some of the girls used as bait were French. It also appears that the building janitor, who gave Fofana the keys to the boiler room where Ilan was tortured, was of French origin.

The President of France Jacques Chirac called the parents of the victim on Tuesday night to recite an expression of condolence. He will be attending a memorial ceremony in a synagogue in Paris on Friday.

I don't really want to go into a great of detail about resistance movements but they are emerging. A lot of people are talking to each other, meeting like minded people and planning ahead. The Eurabian scenario envisaged by Bat Ye'or and Mark Steyn are only likely if no one does anything to stop it.

In one month the Blue Scarf meeting by Claude Reichman went from 1 to 2 thousand. The next meeting will hopefully show more numbers.

The support vigil for the catholic priest murdered in Turkey had about 3 hundred people. None of whom seemed to have a blue scarf, so were unaware of this movement, yet shared the same ideas.

The words dhimmitude and eurabia are part of the lexicon of all these movements.

Yesterday, 4 of us were involved in putting around 800 stickers all over central Paris with pictures of the cartoons, slogans such as 'Support Denmark Support Free Speech", "If you are pissed off with Islam, you are not alone, join us at France Echos" Or simply "Allah Poubelle"

To our great pleasure, near the Louvre we found two stickers with the words "Islam out of Europe, Now"

We are really not alone.

Best Regards



Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

condi rice was hiding the truth when she blamed the cartoon riots throughout the Muslim countries on Iran and Syria alone. Egypt and Saudi Arabia were deeply involved too. But they are the GOOD FRIENDS of the US. So condi can't say anything mean about them.
See my blog for translations from French and Italian on this issue.

dag said...

Thanks for the tip, mate.

And to our readers, I highly recommend Eliyahu's blog. I don't recall recommending anyone's blog before, but his is worth your while, so I make the exception. Of course there are others. For now I limit myself to recommending Eliyahu's.

And please leave any details on your meetings this evening.

dag said...

Pilgrim and I are going to be at Jim & Nicks in Homewood. 7pm.


Johdarr said...

I'm going to be at the Hammond, La Mcd's... Last Thursday, I was by my lonesome..

Dag, didnt you say that there was a New Orleans meeting group? If so, its only a hop skip and a jump from here.


dag said...

I'm running late for this but I'll try to contact Heatherrae, whom, I believe is in your neck of the woods. Hang in there, mate, they will come.

Let us know regardless, and maybe others will ask where to meet you next time. Not to give in. We'll beat the baddies yet.

Stogie said...

Wish I could join the pork fest. I am with you in spirit. My daughter in law comes from Vancouver.

Thanks for the post regarding the French resistance movement. This is encouraging. I will have to lend them my moral support.

dag said...

The spirit helps. It must be difficult at times to struggle along without a sign of success but we must have faith in ourselves to endure and in our friends to come.

I look at this from the perspective of an amateur athlete, a mountain climber, now incapable and over-weight but nonetheless a man determined and confident from past lessons: That there is a long and terrifying ascent during which the pain is often extreme, the risk of death is always present, and that once one has reached the summit it's one very scarey climb back down for no other reason than that to have done so is to feel like Superman. No one could ever pay me to endure the kind of pain I face climbing. I wouldn't do that kind of thing for another. But I do it for myself because I like winning at something I know I am really bad at. I like winning at something I am not really capable of. I like saying that regardless of how bad I am at it I won't let that stop me. And I like looking at my life and saying that I climbed mountains in places I'd never even heard of when I was a boy growing up with boy and girls who never left our home town in all of their lives.

I look at the evil that is Islam, and I see a mountain looming above me. I know that I'm one small thing and that I'm not capable. And I laugh, and I say I will win no matter what the mountain is. I don't care how much it hurts, that I wouldn't go through this for no amount of money, and that no one could talk me into doing it for them. I do this because I can't. And when I do, I'll feel like Superman.

This struggle against Islam is far different from other obstacles I've surmounted. This one is moral. This one in inherently meaningful. And this one is for all of us, and we all have to climb in our own ways. This time I'm not alone. This time you and I and all of us are in this together. This time we are all going to make it to the top or we're all going to die.

This time when we make it to the top there might not be any coming back, and I rejoice in it.

This time the mountain isn't dumb rock and snow and ice: this time the mountain is made of evil. And I'm going to win. Even though I'm not capable. No more capable than I've ever been.

I'll meet you at the summit, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dag,

Thanks for posting the letter. I went along to the Porc soup kitchen last night. I could tell I was getting closer because the sound of police siren screaming into the neighbourhood could be heard as I emerged from the metro. There were around 30 policemen and a couple of vans ready to be filled with porc supporters should problems have started.

It appeared that the address widely publicised was a ruse to organise the kitchen 200 metres or so away.

Among the crowd I did see one homeless person who really seemed to enjoy the food. This is clearly an attempt to use the suffering of the homeless to make a political point. Maybe not as subtle as a dhimmi journalist standing amongst the poor to make a point about so called "american greed" but it certaily falls in the same category.

So I personally have mixed feelings about the soup kitchens, but no one can argue that they make a valid point.

For an estimate of numbers at last night's event I will say around 250.

Tonight, we have a demonstration of support in Front of the Danish embassy. This really should be the big one. We have no idea how many there will be.

All the best


dag said...

Sebastian, you're always welcome, and we look forward to your reports. Thank you very much. Please pass onour warmest best wishes to the people of France.

Charles Henry said...

The France-Echos site has an update on the Blue Revolution's Feb 24 rally in support of Denmark.

Here's a quick summary of several of the first posts from participants fresh from the rally (roughly translated from their original french):

Some disagrements about the numbers of participants at the embassy rally; estimates vary from 300 to 2,000 people attending the rally.

Some complaints that the rally wasn't well organized, for instance the sound equipment was not working, so it was hard to hear the various speakers.

Apparently a couple of skin heads attended the rally, and at one point some scumbag raised his arm in the nazi salute. This was criticized most severely by those who witnessed it, and one commentor wonders if these might be agents provocateurs of some sort, sent to besmearch the true spirit of the rally.

One special guest at the rally was an aging WWII resistance fighter.

Some pessimism about the low numbers; one commenter speculates that the blue movement will need years to build its numbers to a sufficient stength.
For every disappointed commentor however there's another who asks not to lose hope.

dag said...

I'm still waiting for direct word from France. Reports out of the MSM show the typical official and socialist response to the concerns of the French people: police attacked the Porc Soup groups again. Not one account I could find was worth posting, all being severely vitiated by p.c. dogma and the usual "anti-racist" rubbish.

Thank you for the translations. We must rely on ourselves to find out the truth that the intelligentsia obscures. They can't fool us forever, and in time we'll rid ourselves of their noxious presence. Opening doors and windows to air out the lies and allow in the factual truth is our practical ability. Keep up the good work, and we'll all benefit from it.