Friday, February 24, 2006

Blue Scarf Meeting in Vancouver, Canada

We had a special guest speaker for this evening's Blue Revolution meeting in Vancouver, Canada. I won't identify him, but as one might expect we had the pleasure of another unique and valuable contributor to our discussion. Our topics this evening concerned Islam and Left dhimmi idiots, as usual, and this time we got more and different perspectives because of our speaker. I won't go into the details because to do so might jeopardize our speaker's identity. Suffice it to write here that I am highly impressed and found our evening enlightening in ways I didn't expect.

Our speaker gave us details that we would likely never have discovered from our own investigations into Islam. We had the pleasure of being able to ask questions face to face and get necessary details and to get elaborations on those answers till we came away late in the evening with a far deeper and better understanding of our situation than we had before. All of this is generalised, and I'm sorry I can't go into detail about it. I expect that with my new and better understanding of the situation of Islam and dhimmitude that further posts will reflect this evening's discussions.

Our attendance here is growing, if only slightly. Still, we are making progress. And not only we. Others are joining us in their various locations. I hope to have news in the coming days of France that might give us all a chance to feel better about our plight. The main thing is that we show that this can work. We are improving our organising and communications. We will in time rival and excel and we will triumph over our opponents. It's not easy to defeat Islam in a matter of months, and it's not easy for us to sit alone week after week waiting for friends to join us. But they will come if we wait long enough and ask enough people often enough. And they in turn will bring others. In time we will have a movement of free men and women meeting to effect chance that will transform our world from the problem it is to something better. I know it's hard. We will win though. If you sat waiting and no one joined you, think of it this way: we were with you in spirit, and in time we'll meet to shake your hand.

Regardless of how your evening turned out, please let us know. Let us know that even though it might not have turned out as well as you'd hoped that you tried. That alone makes you something I like a lot.

I can't make this any easier for you. You don't need me to if I could. It might well be hard, but when we remember why we do this it makes us better able to endure. Good luck next week, friend.

1689 : Le premier café, le Procope, est fondé à Paris par un gentilhomme de Palerme : Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli. Il existe encore actuellement et se situe rue des Fossées Saint Germain. Il y en aura 300 au début du 18ième, 3000 vers 1850 et 15000 actuellement.

Voltaire, Diderot, d'Alembert, La Harpe, Condorcet, au café Le Procope.


t-ham said...

Nothing again. It doesn't matter. I am stubborn.

I did go to a talk on "Anti-Semitism in the Arab Media" recently. Several muslims came and sat in the back row. This caused several attendees to actually bail out. They interupted the speaker. People almost wet themselves trying to show the ill-mannered how open-minded they were. I didn't want to hear more taqqiya, I wasn't interested in enduring yet another soothing defense of such misunderstood people, I chose to argue instead. Just simple things like logic and reason. One of the five had to go to work. Apparently they all had to take him.

IT was nothing, but it was enough to keep me sitting alone at Micky D's for a few more weeks, waiting for the next person to show up.

McDonalds, Rt 9W, West Haverstraw, NY, 1 to 2 in the afternoon. The place is empty. Don't be such a wuss.

Always On Watch said...

Any blue-scarf meetings in Northern Virginia?

Seen this?

Baltic Waves said...

Dag - It sounds like another great meeting!

We wern't able to make it yesterday as life interupted us, and we ended up in the city (Chicago) fixing a problem with a leaky sink .

Next week, Thursday, from 7-8 PM , Island Lake IL at the McDonalds on IL RT 176, across from the Dunkin Donuts. We will be there!

Mohammed the Prophet said...

You promised not tell anybody I showed up - you had better keep your word!

Mohammed the Prophet

dag said...

I thank all who made it to meetings and those who couldn't as well. I'll start putting out notices again on Tuesday for our next meeting on Thursday.

Some of us have night jobs, and some of us have other problems that arise on the moment and demand our immediate attention, but all of us are there in spirit and we will be there in the flesh when things sort themselves out. We keep trying, and that's the only way we'll ever succeed. They had five show up at a meeting to abuse and debase us. T-Ham stood up to them and they fled. That's one room full of people who wil begin to get the idea. If we stand up to these creatures they show themselves to us and to themselves that they are nothing at all. Stand up to them and they fade away like bad memories. But if we don't stand up to them they grow into nightmares. Look at what T-ham did, and now we know we can all do the same. That lesson isn't lost on the people who witnessed it. They'll take that lesson home and digest it slowly over the weeks till it becomes their opinion. And when they realise it's not only possible but that it works, then we'll see a spark catching, and more people will stand up for reason and common sense and they'll join T-ham and we'll put these monsters to the run. They are illiterate and boistrous fools and we have to stand up for ourselves and tell them it's time to shut up themselves and behave or get the hell out. I think T-ham shows us a lesson we all needed pretty badly.

Always On Watch asks about Northern Virginiastan. There are many, many people there who are concerned enough there to write to blogs daily for the past two years at least. I've known some of them, and they are courageous and intelligent and talented.

How will we find them and get them to stand up to the swell of Muslim criminality and privilege? I'll use the example of our friend Susan P out of Atlanta, Geoergia: She printed up a five page essay on Islam and its evils over a year ago. She got in her car and made a sweep of Atlanta in a 200 mile radius, stopping at every church see saw. She asked the ministers and priest if she could drop off copies in the front room of the church. Only three or four out of hundreds said no, leaving hundreds who said yes. She did this for months and months. We had new leaflets made up and they spread around. We had stickers made. Susan's work spread to Indiana where people contacted me to ask how they could stop Islam.

A British lady named Anne went walking. She walked across northern England. She passed out leaflets at every doorway. We had a politician's secretary contact us from London to ask what the party could do to get involved in our programme. He came close to going to jail for his work and partly because of his association with us as people determined to pass out leaflets showing Islam as it is.

Our campaigns have gone on for a long time, and I recognize friends now from a few years ago who were involved from the beginning, people such as Cubed. We haven't given up, and we haven't succeeded yet either in making our efforts work. that's what we're doing now.

Always on Watch asks if we've seen the notice for a new conference coming up featuring, among others, Robert Spencer. I hadn't yet seen this one. The last attempt was cancelled in Connecticut last fall. Why cancelled? Spencer and Bat Ye'or and others, including senators and couldn't get radio advertising time to promote their conference. They couldn't get radio time because the radio station owners were intimidated. And not only they: the senators got threatened. They bailed, as I understand it. The conference collapsed. So did the conferences we had tried privately to organise in the Netherlands, Australia and the United States. Now, weekly, we have our mini conferences at diners, and they don't collapse. We meet.

This effort bgan at this level because we went underground, as it were, at a website and used old days' threads to continue our discussions. One of our friends, just linda, made us up a new and private site where we had exclusive use of it. Norther Virginians were in with us and highly active. We got a Canadian to make us up a secure site with passwords for entry. People all changed their user names and confused and upset me and they all quit. And now some of them are back and we get on well because we know weach other better and there's some trust built over this long time.

And of those who didn't return to this project we have them working on projects of their own with people they know and like and trust.

We have skills and skilled people who can and who have done great things. But it's not instant. We have to work to build this movement. Our worthless Muslims can toss together a crowd from nothing in a hurry, and they have a crowd of nothing at the end of it. We, when we struggle for these years, are tested in our mettle.

Where there isn't, we will make. Where we fail we will try again. And not just us: there are always people coming for the first time, and even if they fall away for various reasons they don't go away with nothing, they go back to their private lives to wait for us to offer them another and a better chance to try again.

We'll be back. We'll do this again Thursday evening. We'll keep on trying. And we'll build more than a movement against jihad. We'll build a new world. When we realise we are all part of our great civilization we'll know that we actually made it ourselves this time. All of us together, shoulder to shoulder, we'll recreate our nations. We'll do it by shaking hands and saying hello to each other.

Hi, my name's Dag. I'm happy to meet you.

David Schantz said...

I'm sorry. For some reason when I first heard about these meetings I thought it was a strange joke. Now I see that you and others are trying to educate the public. You should be commended for that, please keep it up. Never forget apathy is your biggest foe. Don't let it defeat you. The person you really need to meet will be at the next meeting.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Charles Henry said...

t-ham, good for you to speak up as you did. Was there anything discussed at your event that you learned, that you'd be able to share here?
Dag, it was great seeing you again this week at the BC meeting. Isn't it remarkable how enlightening it can be to hear first-hand accounts of a story that previously one only heard through the "instant experts" in the media?

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for the response. I've got to try to make more connections with my cohorts here in Northern Virginia. Maybe the ATF conference will pan out. The last such conference here was canceled because Georgetown Marriott canceled the use of their facilities, according to Marriot because of threats from Muslims at Georgetown University (though GU denies that reason).

dag said...

As important as the Internet is for us to build an active resistence to the corruption in our nations and neighborhoods there is no better thing than sitting down face to face with our friends.

In N. Virginia one might be able still to contact Mike, a resident there, through Susan B. by contacting Cubed, all of whom I'm out of touch with at this time.

The Marriot Hotel chain has been a particular problem, cancelling numerous events for trivial reasons and yet hosting CAIR conventions with utter abandon--e ven when we have made concerted efforts to bring documented evidence to their attention that CAIR is a legitimate court documented terrorist organisation.

We must meet face to face. We might not manage it on a large scale any time soon. But meeting one or tow friends here and there is sufficient at this time to lay a groundwork that will in time pay off well for us. Meeting people is so important for our cause and effort that I stress it to the point of breaking.

To know me personally, for example, is a whole different exprerience from reading my copy on the Net. I'm not DC Watson, but niehter am I the dapper fellow I probably seem to be in my writing. It's important to know exactly what I'm like if one is to trust me. And that trust or lack of it comes from seeing me in person. And so it is with others. We develop a personal bond.

We'll manage. We'll do great things. We'll do this together as a nation of individuals. Shoulder to shoulder.

Johdarr said...

Nothing again in Hammond, La however I am making headway by telling friends about the Blue Scarf movement, and it may be in Baton Rouge instead, which isn't far away.

Most of my friends are there and whenever we meet up somewhere, we are always talking about these issues.

If it doesn't happen, i.e. being able to meet on Thursdays, then I may just join the New Orleans group on Thursdays.


HeatherRae said...

Hi Johdarr...

If I was still living in Baton Rouge, I'd probably turn up for some of those meetings. Alas, I am living in Shreveport now, so I'm a bit further away.


Johdarr said...

Shreveport? :( Yeah that is a bit far... ah well..

I am still trying to organize the meetings to be truly Blue Revolutionesque, but its still patchy right now. Right now its just a bunch of friends that go out intermittently(sp?) and talk.

dag said...

Friends talking is just the ticket. If people talk, then others will listen and want to talk as well. From there others will realize this is osoething we can talk about. The intimidation of our publics is crushing. We seem to be terrified of saying that murder is a bad thing. It's good for us all to get this out in the open.

All the best.