Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sleep Walking to Death

Thursday we will again hold our Blue Revolution meetings across the world. We'll meet at local McDonald's diners. You'll know us because we'll wear blue scarves to identify ourselves. We assemble at 7:00 and meet till 9:00 pm, though our meetings consistently go over-time. We cannot continue to sleepwalk to death.

It's time we take control of our lives and our societies. It's time to speak the truth to each other and in pulbic. No more lies.


maccusgermanis said...

Pilgrim and I are going to be at Jim & Nicks in Homewood. 7pm.

Nilk said...

Dag, this is off-topic, but I figure you can use it in your blog. I noticed over at JW/DW there's a thread about a particular cartoon comparing the Jews to the Nazis. This cartoon can be found here and was submitted to the Iran newspaper Hamshiri for their Holocaust cartoon contest.

It was not submitted by the cartoonist (one Michael Leunig) but as a prank by another fellow. Leunig complained about the drawing being submitted in error. He doesn't seem to think it's anti-semitic, and I don't recommend trying to ever correspond with Mr Leunig. He's not exactly living in the same world as the rest of us, which is a damn shame. He's the regular cartoonist for Melbourne paper The Age(d) and gets a lot of op-ed space if he needs to bleat.


Nilk said...

okay, my bad. reading further, I've probably got the wrong cartoon. De nada. The Leunig one should still be bandied about as in idea of what the Iranians are looking for.

That'll teach me. :)

max said...

Evils of Islamic Culture and Pig Jihad

aisha's lost doll said...

Love the pigs' demonstration against the bombheads. The toon on that site is a bit low-res, the original, if anyone would like to email the link to friends, is at

BTW did you know that not only are dogs and pigs unclean, but so is any food that has been dedicated to a idol.

So I hereby dedicate all the food in the world, with the exception of Danish bacon, to the great sow-Goddess Porcina, whose likeness I have just scribbled on my jotter pad.

dag said...

Porc soup for the homeless this evening in Maubert Mutualite. Mmmm,yum. But since I can't make it there I'll be with others at McDonald's to meet and discuss our common situation. Hope you'll join us.

aisha's lost doll said...

Now here's a novel use for pork products

dag said...

In keeping with my usual good temper and exercized moderation I must again warn those among us who do not share my usual sange froid that it is wrong to fill balloons with pig blood and to then use a catapault made of a broom stick and a cut-away plastic jug to hurl said balloon into a crowd of Muslim demonstrators. No, that is not to write that it's wrong because the Muslims wouldn't know it's pig blood, and no, it's not to argue that one should hurl oil-based red paint at them instead. For shame. It's wrong because--

Oh heck. My phone is ringing. I'll come back to this unless I get another important call thaat prevents me. In the meantime, just accept that it's wrong. It's like a bad thing to do. Oil paint stains badly, too, and it ruins the clothing and looks like blood and -- that damned phone is still ringing. I really have to go so that I can't write about the immorality of hurling a balloon full of red oil-paint into a crowd of Muslim demonstrators. I really want to but I can't because the phone is ringing.