Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cairo International Book Fair

While Muslims go berserk, randomly killing Christians and any others who get in the way of their rampages, the Egyptian government says nothing about its book fair that would land even Danish imams in the dock in Copenhagen. Below is a list of titles. Covers available at the link at bottom.

Saturday, February 11, 2006
Anti-Semitic and Anti- Christian publications at the Cairo International Book Fair Above: Banner posted on Muslim websites boasting about the display of their anti-Semitic and anti- Christian publications at the 2006 Cairo International Book Fair "Despite objections of the Diaspora Filthy Gypsies" as they say.

(Below: Samples of Islamic publications displayed at the 2006 Cairo International Book Fair, which was held in Cairo between January 17th to February 3, 2006)

Translation of titles (Starting from the top left)

1- It Is Not Holy (Referring to the Holy Bible)

2- Hidden Hands 3- Why they broke the Cross?" (Attacking Christian beliefs)

4- Role of the crusade church in the fall of Islamic Caliphate

5- Convert to Islam to Enjoy Security

6- Christians of Egypt; how many and who are they? (Hateful publication inciting Muslims against the Copts, Egypt's indigenous people)

7- A call to Christians of Egypt; Abandon your grieves (i.e.Convert to Islam)

8- Who killed the dog? (Referring to the murder of Egyptian intellectual Farag Fouda , a free thinking Muslim intellectual who was killed because of his anti fanatic attitude, this book is considered a direct incitement to kill other Egyptian intellectiuals who take the same position)

9- Islamic Enlightment (A hate filled periodical that incites hatred against Jews, Christians and non-Mulsims in general).

10- Inter-faith dialogue, a big scam (Portraying inter-faith dialogue as a conspiracy against Islam and the Muslims)

11- O ye filthy gypsies, a message to the Diaspora Christians

12- Pharaohs, the worshippers of cows, dogs and donkeys (Even the ancient Egyptian civilization was not spared the racist attacks of Islamists in the Cairo Book Fair supposedly held to encourage Egyptians to pride themselves of their ancient heritage as well)

The above vulgar and hate promoting publications, which were on display at the Cairo International Book Fair are also sold publicly in every Egyptian town. Mosque Imams and extremists alike are allowed to publicly insult Jews, Christians, the Bible, the Cross-, and Christianity. They have done this, not just through cartoons in the press, but also through the wide use of media such as TV channels, radio stations, and newspapers all over the Arab and Muslem world.

The publisher ; Mr. Ahmad who prefers the name Abu Islam Ahmad, and many like him, have made it their mission in life to publicly attack the Jewish and Christian faiths, Jews and Copts and Christians in general. They are willing to use all and every method to achieve what they want. Fabrications, lies, and double standards are their usual methods. They are the people who are now crying and screaming that Islam has been insulted by few cartoons published in Denmark

The above publications are not printed in secrecy but publicly, as a matter of fact each and every one of these publications is given an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) by the Egyptian government.

Abu Islam also runs what he calls " Islamic Enlightment Center" that holds a tax ID number "317-910-930" and licensed to operate in Cairo under number 3242.

Not only that, his center located at 145 Misr and Sudan street, Hadayek Al Quba, Cairo is also a location where Muslim youth receive an intensive dose of Anti-Christian and anti-Semitic brain washing and incitement.

Will president Mubarak who warned the West against the "Prophet Muhammad Cartoon" and the Egyptian government do something to stop the ongoing incitement and offenses against Christians and Jews in the Egyptian media and bring to trial those who are promoting hatred? Or Muslims are superior to everybody and it's a fair game to attack Christians and Jews?

Is the Egyptian government really Egyptian? If so, why allow publications that rip Egypt of its identity and ancient civilization that marveled the entire world in favor of the sick agenda of Islamists who pride themselves in the racist wahabi culture?
Posted by Copts @ 11:03 AM

We read CNN banners claiming they don't run the Danish cartoons because of their sensitivities toward Islam. We see ex-presidents Carter and Clinton grovelling in front of Muslim warlords. We see this. We know. And yet we read that Islam is a religion of peace That we must respect Islam. That we are fools who should shut up and behave ourselves because we are stupid and racist. But it won't wash. I want to choke these bastards. Who do they think they are?


HeckYes said...

Crying and complaining of these cartoons is all you see in the media.
For years they have published their (much harsher) insults against all other religions. Does CNN, BBC, NBC, etc complain or even say anything about it? They should runn a story to put this bullshit in perspective. Misinformation is what they do.
Congratulations on having the balls to speak up!

Dag said...

It's now two years later, nd we still get the same dhimmi rubbish from our intelligentsia, that we are racists, bigots, and so on. And yet the jihad rolls on, killing at random, enslaving wherever it lands, whoever it lands upon. Now though an increasing number of the formerly quiet and cowed are writing and even speaking out. When those who do are known as "Heck Yes" I find myself grinning in memory of the Death Hippies and their chanting: "Hell no, we won't go." Attitude. The winners are those who have a good one.