Monday, February 06, 2006

No Whimmitude

This comes via our friend Pastorius at IBA, link below.

I am 16 yr old girl from Pakistan who needs your help

Sir My Name is xxxx (Please Hide My Name) and I'm sixteen year old girl from xxxx, NWFP (North West Frontier Province) Pakistan. Almost 1 week ago I saw your website from my friend.

Sir I Have one very big trouble which I think you can solve. Sir I think I am Muslim and that's why you hate me but I maybe of your daughter or sister's age. Only a non-Muslim better an ex-Muslim can help me

Sir I live in an extremely conservative society. here in NWFP. Pakistani women don't have any rights. Here in our town there is only 1 girl's school where the dress is to wear a burqa. Sir my trouble is after 2 months (i.e. 1st week of November) my parents are going to marry me with my cousin who is almost twice my age and already has one wife. I am only 16 and according to Pakistani law my wedding is illegal. My going-to-be husband is illiterate and son of a mullah. I DON'T WANT TO MARRY HIM.

My friend married a man who already has 2 wives in advance. He beats her regularly like animal and without any reason. He even rapes my 16 year old friend. Sir in NWFP the practice of polygamy and female torture is considered to be a symbol of mardangi (man hood). I know that my future as an Muslim women is same. Whole life I have to spend in his house. Here women are not allowed to go to market and not allowed to talk with other man. Muslims treat women like an animal

Sir I read the article of Qadir Sheikh. I also think that I have HINDU blood running through my veins rather than mughal blood. But I can't express my feelings here; bcoz here if I declare myself as Hindu girl then Muslims will kill me. Sir All y friends hate Islam and want to be HINDU. Here we see Indian TV serials in both Pak and Afgan and we see girls in India are more free than girls in Pakistan or Afghanistan. I can assure you that if there were no Muslim males in NWFP or Afghanistan then we all females would have been Hindu by now. Sir I Am Frustrated and angry but the only thing I can do is cry and cry beating by chest like 95% of other Afghani and NWFP and Baloch Muslim women. I am living in a hell and Mr. Ali Sina can u rescue me from this HELL? Here Muslims say that women have got a huge respect in QURAN but in reality women have got no respect. and all the money which a women get from her parents goes to her husband's family members.

Sir in here, girls are not sent to school but my parents sent me to school. I Cant reject my parent's proposal to marry with a mullah's son. I got education and can write my problem to you but in here many girls can't even say their trouble to anyone. The only thing they can do is cry. Here if I get married to that evil man. I will be raped and beaten everyday.

Sir I am a Hindu now and I want to leave Pakistan and go 2 India. I want to pursue my education and be a computer engineer and not a begum of an idiot. Sir please guide me

I have only 2 months left. I also started to read Bhagwad Gita on Net. That book helped me a bit but I think my future is totally black.

Sir I want 2 ask u that if God loves everyone then why he gave me birth in this hell. Sir if I get married, I will commit suicide. I stopped eating cow but my family force me to read namaz 5 times. I appeal to all women's organisations to take this matter seriously.

May Lord Krishna save you from the evil Allah


Undead Ed said...

I thought Islam was the religion of Peace!

What a load of crap! Islam is the religion of LOSERS! What is with all these protests? Don't these fools have jobs? Are they ALL on welfare?

Perhaps they should all trundle back to their homeland where Islam is the rule of law. What are they doing in western countries that they HATE so viciously!

Then they can all punch their asses into the air five times a day like the mindless robots that they are.

Mohammad = Ancient Loser
Islam = Religion of Losers
Muslims = Losers

I just hope the Muslims keep making complete fools of themselves so the west finally will get their wakeup call.

I am totally ashamed of the US media which refuses to affirm the principles of Freedom of Expression!

What happened to the Home of the Brave and The Land of the Free?

Undead Ed

Anonymous said...

Perhaps cutting off your cousin's testicles with a kitchen knife as he sleeps would lessen his desire to rape you.

dag said...

At the risk of appearing shrill again, may I second that suggestion. The penalty, of course, is to find oneself stoned to death by a gang of blood-thirsty savages shrieking and praising Allah. We will rerun the notorious photo soon of the girl buried to the waist, still clad in her burn-victim costume. That's what happens to girls who resist. They are killed. They are shot to death. They are hanged. They are stoned to death. They have their throats cut. They are murdered by burning, acid-flinging, and simply left to be eaten by wild animals if they're incapable of properly delivering babies due to fistulas. There is no end to this other than an end to Islam itself.

What is the girl going to do? It reminds me of Orwell's line in 1984:

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a sandal stomping on a woman's face--forever."

HeatherRae said...

I don't know what anyone over here can do about that. Hell, we had trouble protecting that woman who pursued the rape charge against those guys in Pakistan.

All I know is that God does love that girl.

I would love to get a baseball bat and go to town in that village. Yes, yes I would.


dag said...

Funny you should Mention the baseball bat, Heather. I was going to post a Louisville Slugger with no further comment.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad = Ancient Loser
Islam = Religion of Losers
Muslims = Losers

Thank Allah I'm the happiest Moslem loser!

We lost all that you won and that is:


Anonymous said...

"What happened to the Home of the Brave and The Land of the Free?"

We use bombs and the like which we buy from your Viking noble "the Prize giver"

We don't depend on farting and the like otherwise we wouldn't have wiped out the Red Indians so swiftly!
We hate other religions too even the Orthodoxe Church!

Anonymous said...

So undead ed don't underestimate us Americans when it comes to hatred and destruction of other cultures and nations.

Again the farting job is left to lizzy the queen of farts!sexymisslizz(dot)com/queenoffarts/fart_fetish(dot)etch em el
check it out

Jesus bless you!

Anonymous said...

So we christians spread piggishism

And it annoys us we find resistance!

Anonymous said...

Wow! there are some "christians" on this thread saying some really radical stuff. But we MUST let them speak because they are our christian brothers--hell we'd let them speak even if they were Muslims!

Anonymous said...

This same email was posted on I now wonder if this is just a bait by some Pakistani Muslim chap.

dag said...

It's always a devious game, and we do well to remain skeptical of much of what we see and read. I trust Ali Sina to sort out the chaff due to his experience and expertise. I've encountered a number of similar sounding testimonials, some from Bosnian girls, some from Chechenyan girls, and so on. Are any of them factual and real? Let me put it to you this way: if the letters are literary forgeries, they are still fairly accurate in the common details of life as women exeperience it in Muslim lands. I know some of this from having lived in Muslim lands, having been offered female for sale, having seen them beaten and mutilated. does the possibility of forgery take away from the letters? Yes. Does it take away the validity of them? No, the truth remains even if the facts are forged.

Having made that point, I don't think it wise for us to jump on every bandwagon rolling past. I posted the letter in the knowledge that it could well be literature rather than reportage. I have no evidence one way or the other, so I leave it as it is.

I do appreciate the comment, as, I'm sure, do others.