Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Google warns you not to look at this image.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Some readers Islamonazis (and their sandal-licking liberal pets) have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content unapologetic criticism of Islam—and the scathing condemnation of the ideologies of Modern Liberalism—is hateful harmful because it decidedly reveals such persons for the morally and intellectually corrupt nimrods they are. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. We do, however, keep billions of people in China ignorant beneath the oppressive thumb of Communism through stringent censorship. Remember, our company motto is “Don’t Be Evil.” For more information about this message, please consult our FAQ. For more information on how not to hate a cowardly enemy that slaughters with wanton, fideistic zeal, and how to appreciate those erudite elitists who suicidally enable them, take a long walk off a short pier.

posted by D. T. Devareaux at 11:42 AM


dag said...

If you go to Derek's site you will see the content warning Google has slapped on him. Please spread this graphic around. Don't let the jihadis and Left dhimmi fascists get away with this outrage. Derek first, you next.

Derek is our Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting and irresponsible.

dag said...

I think you're refering to Google. I and many thousands of others at this time are with you in that expression of disgust.

Please forward this story at your convenience.

Thank you. Dag.

eyesallaround said...

It really shows their cowardice. Isn't that the way of the Jihadist and Liberal? Head choppers and back stabbers. They'll never face you head on.

dag said...

It's a pecking order in the Muslim world: the strong beat the weak on down the line.Usually the father beats everyone, then the uncle beats them, then the older brother and cousins, and then the middle boys, and the you ones get raped. The women are everyone's fair game, the oldest the least so, but the wives first, then the daughters, and the girls get raped.

In that social arrangement you get according to your power. If your power is purely personal and your aren't strong you must then rely on your group's power to protect you from outsiders; but your own group will feed on you.

Thus it is that we have the piggish ranter going on like a fool because there is no one to hit him. He knows that he has no power over us but he also knows that in the West no one will smack him silly. So he goes on unrestrained. Extrapolate to al Qaeda, Batth, and The Iranians.

Law isn't based on reason among Muslims, but on the Qur'an, on Shari'a. But there is the daily customs of the pecking order. That's wehre it shows the major flaw of Islam: it's for barnyard animals.

Anonymous said...

Dag- your name is so like dog which would be apt. Dogs can't use logic which you have in common. Take your ignorance to the zoo and get some knowledge before you get yourself killed. You know ignorance is dangerous. It may come to you sooner than later i hope.You're soo pitiful and damned.

dag said...

Some observers are magnificently deep, like the one above who notices and explains that Dag is close in suond and spelling to dog. Well, not to be outdone, I wish to point out the Dag spelt backwards is Gad. I appreciate deepth as well.

Gad. Wow, man, groovy.