Monday, February 06, 2006

CNN, Where do they Stand?

CNN has chosen not to show the cartoons out of respect for Islam.

What respect does CNN have for its audience?


Undead Ed said...

Dear Muslims:

We in the west have been watching you faggots storm and scream for over 25 years and it's getting a little tired.

All you have managed to do is knowck over a few buildings, stop some trains and blow a hole in a ship.

Is that all you got?


After 25 years of dancing around like a bunch of crazed piggies and THAT IS ALL YOU GOT?

I thought you guys had Allah on your side? I thought there were 1.4 billion of you losers?


Too bad we all weren't helpless school girls - that is about your speed.

Wow, like I am so worried about you guys... (cough) Losers (cough)

I do like some of your women... they are sweet and juicy once you get them out of those sacks you keep them in. Young Muslim girls sure do like western men, probably because we don't treat them like shit.

Mohammad is what happens when the Satan rapes a turd!

Undead Ed

Anonymous said...

Of course, CNN will publish just about anything that mocks Christianity or makes fun of Jesus!

dag said...

Yes, most Western "intellectuals" are painfully brave in the face of Christians who threaten -- oh well.

But give the media and the higher forms of our intelligentsia a shot at intellectual honesty, at personal morality in their public postions, in some kind of responsible social stance, and then, cowering in fear of each other, afraid they'll be scorned by their fellows as "uncool," they grovel like kicked dogs.

Shame. Shame on the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Great banner there but don't limit the Burqa bit to 'the West', it kind of makes secular middle easterners like myself feel a bit left out

HeatherRae said...

Hey anonymous...

You sure you don't want to move here? We're always happy to have sane people move here. It's the nutcases that we'd like to stay where they are...


dag said...

There is a valid point to make in not pushing people too far in our push to make our own points regarding Islam. With enough shrillness and hatred directed at Muslims there is the possiblity of radicalizing moderates who will simply give up moderation under threat and counter-hatred. Pushed and pushed, the moderate, even if he feels no love for the fascist Islamic poligion itself will feel that his identity is threatened to the point he sides with "his own" in the battle to preserve himself from the wave of war.

I am in that position regarding Christianity. I am not a church-goer, not really a nominal Christian. But.

But Islam and our Left fascist dhimmis have pushed the issue so far that my allies are the Christians who still hold Modernist, Progressive, Western values inherited from the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. They are, if not my sould-mates, definitely my closest allies in the struggle against dhimmitude and Left fascism.

The moderate Muslim must decide whether he, not she, given the nature of Islmaic life in practical terms, is free in the mind to abandon Islma as a value and to accept Modernity in its place. The pull toward ones upbringing is strong, and to abandon it is to lose ones life. There is another life in the flesh, of course, but ones personal life is over and must begin again. Few have that desire, and few still have the strength for it if they wish it.

We can see the problem clearly in current Persia where a great number of people are Modernist in some respects but still tied to the culture of Islam and its fascist Irrationality. They must either break free entirely from their masters and murder them like Zeus did Chronos and the Titans, or they will side with them and die en masse. The Iranian Modernists must take the place of their masters and freely do so by their own efforts to legitimize their rule in their own minds, or they will side with the traditions of life as they have been given them. And then they will die when we annihilate them whole.

There is a great deal of sympathy for those who will side through loyalty to their own under threat, but we cannot, either side, be sentimental. One will prevail, the other will die. Therefore, it is ffor the Modernist intellectual to decide if he will rule as a revolutionary Modernist in the sink-holes of Islma or if he will retain his family and tribal loyalties to his own group and ide with them. That is the razor's edge the person walks, and the time is coming when the sides will form with no one in the middle.

Are you a secularist willing to rule in a state of revolutionary Modernity or will you side with your primitivists whom you very likely despise, your own group, and with them go down in defeat out of loyalty?

Push has come to shove.

Anonymous said...

"All you have managed to do is knowck over a few buildings, stop some trains and blow a hole in a ship."

Thank God for his help!

Our means are modest but we try our best!

We don't humiliate our sisters daughters and mothers and none would imagine living in the west even with a moslem husband!

We have a duty in life and it's the worship of God.

What you try to depict with your farting and scum won't stain us nor our religion.

You have been "sh......" and farting for ages Islam light remained flickering because not every one sees this from the Asshole of a pig!

Anonymous said...

Of cours cnn by showing the danish flag being put ablaze time after time is fanning the flames of hatred to the cross as it is in the danish flag,like the kkk they are cross burners and cnn approves encourage enflame on an on the cross burns amide cheers of the muslims.thus cnn is promotting hate.Sickening just sickening watching the cross burn .

dag said...

We must ask ourselves if Muslims are inherently evil people commiting evil acts or if they are ordinary people committing evil acts because they are made mad by an evil culture and an evil ideology they cannot see through.

When we're done asking these questions we must then step back and watch what Muslims do so we know exactly what we are faced with. Our response will then be either to accept that they are ordinary people blinded and tricked into evil by their social and ideological conditions, or that they are evil by nature. If they are evil by nature but pose little threat to us other than in the burning of our flags, we might leave them to it, watching in disgust as they occasionally light themselves afire and die.

If they are evil by nature and are a threat to us, then we must watch until the frustration we feel is greater than the restraint we practice, at which time the Mulsims will have proven they are incapable of prudential behaviour, and we would be wrong not to exterminate them.

But finally, we must look at them as possibly redeemable if the conditions are right and we are rational and just. Then we will look upon the burning of our flags and embassies as the needed prelude to war, the building up of our righteous anger that we in our justice will unleash upon them as required to bring them to their potential Human decency as they and their children deserve by virtue of their Humanness.

This is our time to observe and to ponder our course. This is a time to get angry.

Russell said...

Were the German people who enthusiastically cooperated with Nazis inherently evil? Or were they inherently human, with all the good and bad that implies?

HeatherRae said...


Every human being has the capacity for both good and evil. Even the smallest child has that capacity.

That said, every human being has the capacity to change from the path they walk now, to a different path. People can and do change all the time.

I see nothing wrong with killing in self defense. But I do think that wholesale extermination of men, women, and children is wrong and would make us just as foul as the jihadists we fight.


dag said...

Russel, you're not contributing greatly with that question.

My position, for what it's worth, is that the public thinkers of pre-Nazi Germany chose a path of intellectual Irrationality in reaction to the French and Western Enlightenment. They appealed to the basest instincts of the peasants and the lumpen-proletariat, and they corrupted the bughers with visions of racial and moral superiority for the simple sake of writing academic works.

We don't spend all of our time here putting up cartoons. If you'll search the archives you'll find numerous essays on the history of fascism, the main emphasis of this blog. It's fascinating reading but it will take you a graeat deal of time to get through it, and we're not done yet, this being a work in progress that develops as we have time.

The point is that if the Muslim intelligentsia follows a similar path to the that of 19th century Germany, then the ummah will arrive at a similar state in conclusion, the problem being for all of us that the umma is Stone Age primitive in oppostion to the Space Age. You can do the math.