Saturday, February 11, 2006

Islamic Products


AnechoicRoom said...

The only engineering or science contribution from Islamic societies in the last half century. The high refinement of close quarter anti-personnel weaponry. Shape charged platform (human), shrapnel directionality, localized force enhancement (where on the bus to stand). And the single most sick crime against humanity. Addition of blood thinning componentry to the weapon.

Allahu Akbar.

dag said...

I hear you loud and clear.

Very disturbing, all the more so because it's true.

Anonymous said...

Their "ingeneering" today includes:

* Comitting crimes against humanity and posing as "victims" (typical "palestinian"...)

* Lovingly, using own kids as human bombs or as human shields.

Doing the crime before inventing the excuse, (like their massacres in 1929 on Jews in the holyland before the 1967 "occupation" fake excuse was born..., or bombing "peacefully" the 3,000 infidels on 9/11 before Iraqi invasion, or their confession of plotting to bomb London on 9/11/2001 before the excuse called "war in Iraq" of their 7/2005 bombing, etc.)

See more of their unique & exclusive products at:

Some of the Victims of Arab Racism and Islamic Jihad

Anonymous said...

Some of the victims of Palestinian Heinous crimes

( A sample: )

dag said...

Thanks for the links. Some images are particularly violent and idsturbing. That's what murderers do to people. There's no point pretending it's anything other than exactly what we know it is. Islam is a poligion that people use to commit murder under cover of a bogus religion. There is no reform possible. Islam is a primitive fascism. For more on that idea, please do a search of "nodhimmitude primitive fascism" and then wade in. there are many essays available on that topic.