Friday, February 10, 2006

Infidels burn Holy Qur'an, Insult Prophet, Rape Virgins, Eat Pork, Drink Alcohol, Have Giant Spiders

The Jews held a bonfire last evening in Vancouver, Canada, during which they had Christians throw the Holy Qur'an into the flames. Naked infidel women first rubbed the Holy Qur'an between their legs. Men drank alcohol and cursed the Prophet (pbuh.)

The Jews did it. The Christians did it. This was shown on all the television stations in Canada.

There is a rumor making the rounds that unclean infidel men raped Muslim virgin women. The infidels raped Fatima and Aisha. Everyone saw this on television.

One glorious shahadi went to jannah when the Jews sent giant spiders to kill him as he tried to protect the honor of his sister. This was all on television.

Yes, this was all on television. All the infidels saw this. They hate the prophet. They curse Allah. It was all on television. The Jews had giant spiders that killed Muslim children. The giant spiders ate Muslim babies. I saw all this on television. Giant spiders, ten meters high. I saw it on television.


Iran Watch said...

They must not have that channel where I live. How come I never get invited to any of these parties.

Anonymous said...

They lied about the location. The infidels keep the big spiders down in Texas. Where BUSH is from. Not Canada. Don't try to fool the wise and peaceful followers of Mo by pretending the big spiders are in Canada. Heads will roll if you try that again.

rhetorical maniac said...

"We butchered the force present at the airport. We have retaken the airport! There are no Americans there!"

"The Americans are not there. They're not in Baghdad. There are no troops there. Never. They're not at all."

Baghdad Bob - same channel as this other show, evidently.

max said...

cvnnI learned a new concept today from some Islamic comment somewhere:"Religious Rape"... or "Jihadist Rape"..
It must be written in the Koran somewhere...
I missed the party too. Why wasn't it in the TV guide? That must have been where the Grammy people went to party.

Jauhara said...

and to think I was wasting my time watching American Idol the other night...or maybe it was 24. No, wait, It was LOST! The big, wait Harry Pot....oh was Lord of the Rings. That was on!? And to think I was watching American Idol at the time!

Charles Henry said...

yes our thursday blue scarf meeting certainly was eventful!

I wanted to send you some suggestions about the idea you had proposed, but I can't find an email address on your site?
Can I ask you to email me at the address I gave you at our first meeting, so that I can contact you?

dag said...

To all concerned: I am not shy about my email address being available. Please write to:

dag dot walker at gmail dot com

I'll update our meeting as soon as I get a bit of time today. Sorry for the delay.

t-ham said...


Another uneventful Thursday afternoon for me, but fear not, hope springs eternal. I noticed a small article in my local rag, a certain Jud Newborn, "Middle East expert and media commentator", will be giving a talk on anti-Semitism in the popular arab media, titled "Global Anti-Semitism and Today's Crisis of Terror". Editorial cartoons in particular will be discussed. Imagine that. The current thoughtful and carefully considered reflection on the Mo-toons by the worlds muslims will also be discussed.
The locale for the meeting is very close to a large community of Satmar Hasidim. Should prove informative. For those of you reading who may not be familiar with the Hasidim, they are a extremely insular sect of orthodox Jews, who, among other identifying traits, reject any and all forms of Zionism and, at least officially, isolate themselves from all secular culture.

Anyway, the evening seems to promise some fertile ground, not neccessarily from the Hasidic community, but I imagine there will be others such as myself.

I really should have some fact sheets ready.

dag said...

T-ham, this is obviously going to take a while to work, but as you know, those of us who persevere will win.

Once again, time being tight, I'm not able to write much on our meeting Thursday.

We met on time, as always, and conducted our meeting among ourselves nicely. The form follows the function with us, we moving from one topic to the next as things arise, it not being a meeting with minutes.

Our conversation ranged over the possible practicallities of combatting jihad, sharia, and whimmitude. We also consdier aspects of the greater struggle, that of our own people, oruLeft fascist dhimmis, the intelligentsia in the West who kow-tow to savages for the sake of vanity and fear of ridicule from their peers.

This leads us into discussions of economics and religion. Consider if you will that our Modern world is one based on capitalism and rationality and individualism. These things all have a history, and in knowing better from whence we came we know better where we are and why.

Knowing more allows us better options for working toward whatever eventual goals we might set in out struggle against Islam and the decline of the West, as it were.

One of our number is exceptionally intelligenta and well-informed and raises for us possiblities regarding nationalism that many, if not most of us, would find startling only because they are so old and counter to our set multi-culturalist cliches.

for further details on that aspect of our meetings, please direct yourselves to:

I'm sorry I don't have time now to write further. Please leave your account of the Blue Scarf meeting, or ask for further details if you please.

We have some good hope of making a genuine difference in the future course of our societies if we organise at this local level as cadres of the vanguard.

To thse normal people to whom the above sentence made no sense at all, the point is that we can lead our societies ourselves as professional activists and organisers. Those of us twho ahave taken these steps already have proven that we are capable of taking initiative where and when it's needed. We are, one assumes, normal and decent people, and that is what leads us to make these steps.

One of our conclusions at the end of our meeting is that each group will likely and properly adjust to local conditions and move itself from there ot concrete solutions to those issues. We might not issue then a full manifesto of intent and aim, no universal statement of principles.

Having made that point, I do think it wise that we have some guideline for our meetings that unifes the world of Blue Scarf meetings under one general principle, a commitment to .... Well, let that come when it will.

I'll close for now and return with more next day.

Moron99 said...

It sure would be nice to have a list of media outlets that caved and media outlets that didn't along with a list of sponsors. I figure if they won't take a stand for freedom (the thing I value most) then I don't want to buy their crap. I'd rather let some other company have the profit. Maybe you guys know somewhere I can find this?

dag said...

You have your thinking cap on there as you write. I will do what I can to post a copy of Danish products you might consider buying in this, their time of need now that many in the Middle East and greater Muslim world are effecting an economic war against the Danes. If you like cheese and ham, then you're in luck. They also have wonderful butter cookies, and many are quite keen to sample some of their beer. Please buy what you can to help the Danish people and their economy till they are able to find new markets. Tasty and probably some fun shopping for products Danish.

Moron99 said...

screw the danish. I'm talking about american.

I want to NOT buy any product that advertises with CNN, WaPo, and company. I suspect that FoxNews stood firm. If so, then I want to agressively BUY products that advertise with them. I'm not nearly as pissed off at Islam as I am with our own media.

Islam is easy. You know in advance exactly what you're dealing with. A global network of radical imams who take advantage of emancipated youths. The imams are the evil ones. They seek to possess the combined power of religion and law. They use terror to instill fear. They use that fear to shape events and then turn the influence into political power. Each time the west shows fear the imams power rises, their followers break free of their emancipated state, and legions of new recruits are attracted to the growing power. The key asset for the imam is a huge number of frustrated, hopeless, and emancipated youths to draw upon.

But ... the key asset for the west should be real military and financial power. By succumbing to fear we allow the imam to fight the battle on his side of the street. If the media had been doing their homework, then they would know this. If the media had been doing their job, then they would have informed the public many years ago. The phrases that spring to mind regarding american MSM are "gross negligence bordering on malicous intent" and "deriliction of duty". Enough is enough. MSM sux and I want to do my part in pushing them towards bankruptcy if they do not mend their ways.

I'd like to quote Winston Churchill:
One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.

In my own words:
A man with no backbone is easier to push over.

Moron99 said...

By the way - you know that this really has nothing to do with religion. It's about power. They use Islam because it gives them legal protection and delivers a large number of easily manipulated youths. Why do you think it attracts so many criminals? It's about power. It's about using fear to get power. We're not fighting against a religion. We're fighting a mafia network that has found a young religion that doesn't have the safeguards to keep them out.

If you believe it's about religion, then you've been played. They want you to think its about religion so that they can maintain legal and moral protection.

dag said...

M99, you might try organizing a boycott of things advertised on CNN. I'd pick one product that many people buy, something cheap and simple, cereal or soap of some kind, and promote a boycott of it as far and wide and as heavily as you can. If they sell a lot of something at a low price then the profit margin comes from volume. Hit them with a massive boycott and provide people with an easy replacement, then you might have some leverage. If that works, if you can pull off a boycott of one thing and make it hurt those who finance CNN, for example, then you will have room to move on to another product and do it all over again. But look at it this way: if you can organize something like that you'll have a large group of people who are paying attention to your message. Consider that if you band together with them on one issue you can do the same on others.

It's not my place here ot give advice, but if I were in your postion, i.e. if I were in America, I might start by organizing my friends and neighbours to boycott a Muslim owned store. I'd look for one that shows signs of being frequented by many non-Muslims, noe that has obvious signs of Islmaic fervour, such as, for example, bearded clerks who close shop during prayer times five times per day, women in hijabs, et c. I'd gather my friends and tell them that the money that goes into the shop is very likely going out to Muslims who will eventually kill us if they can. I'd talk to my friends, my neighbours, those I work with, and I'd tell them it's a bad idea to do business with those people. But I wouldn't expect immediate results. I'd expect things to get better if you were to follow up by inviting people to McDonald's for coffee on Thursday night to discuss what Muslims do to the likes of us, find out how others feel about this, and then, if they feel as we do, then suggest again that they shop elsewhere and encourage outher s to join in till the shop closes for business under those owners. You'll have a ready-made group ready to do further work in the field. That's what we do here. It doesn't hurt CNN. It is hurting the jihadis who are shutting down their store in our neighbourhood beause the word is out that they are killers. In time we'll lilkely turn the whole neighbourhood into people who look at anything Islmaic with distaste, and they won't buy the products nor the idea of "Islam is a religion of peace." It's slow but it works, And you're left with people you know and know you can trust to follow through on tasks.

My opinion, and I hope you'll feel free to add or subtract as you see fit.

dag said...

Regarding your later comments, let me think about it. I refer to Islma as a poligion, a political religion. It's a political movement in the wrappings of religion. It's more than that,too, an imperialism, a criminal enterprize, as you point out, but more than that too. It's a giant parasitic incect of an ideology. but this requires some discussion that I haven't got time for at this time. I'll return next day to follow up here if it's of interest to you and others.

Moron99 said...

I would not boycott a muslim store. I will not penalize my neighbor because a rat lives in his backyard.

Look at the danish affair and you can easily distinguish the line of corruption that runs through Islam. Islams fault is not having a central authority that can expel the bad elements. Look at zarqawi in Iraq. A hardened criminal. He joins Al Queda and he suddenly professes piety. That's BS. While he was in jail they let him into "the family". He's now a member of the world largest crime syndicate. He keeps doing all the same criminal things but enjoys legal protection because of "freedom of religion" and enjoys moral equivalency from the west because he now represents a religion.

He's a bigwig in the network now. The danish imam is a small fish looking to move up. Islam is defenseless against them and they now permeate throughout the world. Look at the riots and you can quickly figure out where the network has its cells of operation. The poor muslim followers of this "radical islamic" network are nothing more than an easily manipulated and disposable asset. The real enemy is the syndicate of imams that lives within.

maccusgermanis said...

Why boycott the advertisers when there is a more direct pain to be inflicted upon the msm? Cancel your cable.

dag said...

Cancelling the cable connection is entirely direct. It will show the cable company that you don't want their services. I like to ask what I can that has a wider impact, what I can do each day that effects the Modernist world of democracy and progress toward the spread of human decency on the one hand, and what practical thing I can do at the same time that hurts Islam.

Doing this or than myself is not important over all. I don't have cable television. That's not painful to anyone involved. I do organize a boycott of the gang who sell stolen cigarettes and crack pipes from the store run by Muslims. It's not a big deal. It is putting one store out of business slowly, drying up a small source of jihad money, and it leaves behind some people who have a bad attitude toward Islam. From there those people might go on to do ohter things and include others in the struggle agaisnt Islam.

Were i in a position to rid the world of the radical imams in Iraq, yes, I'd do that instead. But I'm not there and have no hope for it. I do here what is possible and practical. Each day I do something positive for Modernity and something that is also negative for Islam. It's not dramatic. It is effective in its own small way.

Letting the Islmaic world know, for example, that people in Vancouver, Canada set fire to Qur'ans in the middle of the city is something Muslims around the world might like to know. It did happen! I saw it on television. Everybody saw it. Now let the Muslims deal with it. In fact, there were some Qur'ans left over, and we're going to do it all again next week. The Jews are organizing it. Muslims across the world should have seen it on telvision. I'm amazed they haven't complained. Maybe they don't have cable.