Saturday, February 11, 2006

Danish Products


It's me, T.J. said...

Hey Dag...

Do you know about this?

Tough Law Will Tackle Misuse of Cyberspace

The law will seek to guard against the use of digital technology to insult any religion, among other issues, and will arm the judiciary with the necessary laws to ensure that there is no misuse of cyberspace, legal consultants told Gulf News.

dag said...

That's creepy, but it slso shows that we have to stay mobile and creative in this struggle. That, the overcoming of obstacles, is what makes our victory more likely than the triumph of Islam. Some Muslims are technically competent in the field of computers but they have no imagination. for everything they throw at us we have the abilities to return the fight and use it against them. Persnally, I find it lots of fun.

We have skills well beyond making cookies. For all of our flaws and faults we are a creative and postive people. for every law against creativity and free expression of it, there we will be with hundreds of ways around them. Muslims can only ever be negative, disallowing this or that, wrecking this, killing them, destroying all they can find; but they can't make anything good. They are, in short, losers.

Mmmm. Cookie time.

It's me, T.J. said...

We have skills well beyond making cookies.

That's good because you guys are going to need use all the skills that you possess.

Would the EU involvement in this law affect you?


Anonymous said...

WALGREEN'S sells Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies.

dag said...

There is a change of government in Canada recently, a parliamentary system, in which representatives sit for the party, the winning majority of whom form the governing party, the rest forming the loyal opposition. In Canada there is no majority party of the three running. Therfore, with a minory of Conservatives and a majority of lunatics in opposition, the ruling government party does not have much leeway to make laws that upset the loonies. The loonies, combined, can destroy the government in a united vote. The loonies love the EU and the UN.

Will EU regulations affect Canada? There is a move recently away from the Left. But as one can see, it's slight. It is precarious. It could easily be annulled. It can be easil reversed.

This is important beyond the borders of Canada for a number of reasons:

Canada is a part of a network of minor Western nations united in lunacy. Whatever lunacy happens in one nation is lauded and applauded in other member nations. These nations of Left dhimmi fascists imitate each other and try to out-pose each other constantly. Therefore, what happens among the Left dhimmis in Canada affects what happens in Sweden and so on. If there is a move on the part of the EU, it will eventually make its way into Canada. If Ontario had passed the sharia laws recently as they proposed, other Left dhimmi nations would soon have followed suit. Thankfully we were able to prevent that by holding public demonstrations against it.

But this is not over. The government here is shakey at best. Muslims are a powerful lobby here, and they are united in the umma across the globe. If the Left wins power here again in the coming election there will be a sympathetic government in place for them. What the Left government sees in the EU they might well follow here. And so too it happens in Australia, in Norway, in France. Our struggles are united.

We have a ripple effect even on policy in the U.S. The Left dhimmi fascists in America are just as reactionary and evil as they are at the UN and EU. They too take their strength and vision from Europe. What happens in Sweden or Canada or Australia is important to America as well. We cannot afford to close our eyes to the problems of our neighbours.

When we ask that there be Blue Scarf meetings we do not mean to say that they must be only of interest to you there and him elsewhere regarding you local problems. We must unite across the world against Islam. What happens in Thailand is important to the outcome of life in Poland. It is all connected. The connection is more noticable between Canada and Europe than it is between India and Russia but the connections are there, and they are important for us to recognise and understand.

dag said...

WALGREEN'S sells Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies.

That settles the question of what we'll have for tea tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.

Pastorius said...

I have found within the last week that Carlsberg is a very good beer.

Those cookies are damn good too.

dag said...

I'm making my way through Kierkegaard again as my way of showing support for Denmark. I wonder if people realize he was Danish. I wonder what Danes think of him. I wonder what they would think of Denmark if they bothered to read their own Danish philosophy. There's no good to come from denying that Kiekegaard is essentially Danish. I mean that Denmark has a public soul that is represented clearly in Kiekegaard's work, not necessarily in the explicit themes he writes on but in the general themes, in his religious approach and his historical sense of Christianity. I'm not being clear here, but I think I can claim fairly that Kierkegaard is more Danish than those who are Danes today. He is uniquely Danish, a culmination of Danish civil and religious society, of the folkways and norms of Denmark as it was than Denmark as a pale imitiation of "Europeanism."

I'm not sure if I make too much of this. I want to avoid Herdereque mistakes while still claiming national identity. I'll think about this, and likely refer not to Denmark, with which I have only the slightest connection, but to a place or places I know better.

The point, then, is that there is a question to consider. I'll have to think about it.

Cookie time again.