Friday, August 12, 2005

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PCUSA Sues Zionist Entity for Death of Prophet Brian

A minister from Pennsylvania announced today that the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America is sueing the Hated Zionist Entity for murdering Brian, a little known but important Muslim prophet.

Said the minister, Andrew al-Dhimmi, "First the Jews killed Jesus, then they started killing Palestinian children, and now they've killed Brian! We have had enough of them. We're going to sue. We're taking them to the World Court at The Hague, and we hope the Joooos find themselves in a cell next to Hitler and Stalin. Well, maybe not Stalin but other ucky-yicky people. They're rude, too."

Al-Dhimmi said he is not in touch with Hizballah members but wishes they would keep it quiet. He says the money coming for the court case is directly not from Prince Turki al-Faisal but from the peace-loving-peoples-of-the-world.

"The Joooos," he said. " The Joooos. They killed Brian!"

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