Sunday, August 07, 2005

Islamic Flat Earth News

Fashion Tips for Muslim "Commuters."

Fashion: Before and After

It is a Zionist conspiracy to profile shahadi commuters and keep them from their appointed rounds. They are merely conveying messages, like Postal Workers! And so it must be that we go through hate, sleety-eyed infidel checkers, and rains of kufr to deliver our messages of peace. To help you do so, IFEN has maked the following orders for your successful journey:

Remember: always to look like a kafir.

Never say Islam is a religion of peace or the kafirs will think you work for the American Zionist government and they will hate you and try to prevent you from boarding the train or bus.

If they try to stop you from boarding, play the race card. It works almost every time.

If all else fails, then file a law suit through CAIR.

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