Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sick of being dumped on by self-elevated fools

Some people are so wrapped up in their own righteousness that they feel they have to make the world aware of how right they are and how wrong is the rest of everyone. There's a video here that shows one such man thinking he and his are the moral gods of the universe, that they alone know the good and the true. The moral vanity of such people is mostly only disgusting because of its childish immaturity. But sometimes such behaviour has other consequences, as we will see below the link.

The man in the video has riled up a bunch of pretty ordinary folk who are sick of his bullshit. Who does this creep think he is? Who and what does he think others are? The answers are obvious. It doesn't make sense to shit on people minding their own business just because you think you can get away with it and because in some perverse way it's fun. This guy got off lucky. Another of his kind didn't.

"At an Illinois fairground, one 19 year old tiger keeper was mauled to death when he climbed on top of a cage full of circus tigers, pulled down his pants, and started to defecate. The angry tigers latched onto his ankles and ate him, piece by piece, as they pulled him through the cage."

Michael Largo, Final Exits. New York: Harper; 2006. p.p. 398.

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