Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York hotel maid guilty until proven innocent.

Is it OK to be a violent rapist if one is a socialist European neo-feudalist princeling and one is falsely accused by a lying hotel maid without a government position? Well, the hotel maid is certainly guilty of this problem for the socialist until she is proven innocent of lying. Just look at the socialist reaction.

@Nouriel Nouriel Roubini
DSK is innocent until proven guilty. One cannot rule out a setup as a smear campaign against him had started in french press close to Sarko
And here we see the depth of thought that constitutes Left brilliance:

You may disagree with my analogy from the rape that Mr. Strauss-Kahn is now accused of and the way that the 5 Major Banks in our nation, including Goldman Sachs are all deeply guilty of 'Raping' their own nation, and violating and ruining the lives of millions of people, but I fail to see the difference. Home invasions by these Bankers without due process of law, has now become perfectly acceptable in our nation. That is a violation, if ever there was one.


Obviously, even the most talented politician can run afoul of ethics and get involved in sexual scandals. Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and others come to mind. Clearly, Spitzer was seeking sexual gratification from someone not his wife. We do not know if Strauss-Kahn did have sex with a maid, whether he was set up, whether it was consensual if it occurred, or whether he has a really dark side that should preclude him from ever holding higher office. Nor do we know just how Spitzer's every move was watched and described before his arrest, just weeks after he made it his goal to clean up Wall Street frauds.

I do not normally subscribe to conspiracy theories, even when many of them seem to come true (See generally, the UK's growing fiasco over the Iraq Invasion set up)

The forced sexual abuse of anyone is unacceptable, whether it is priest on child or adult on adult. We should keep an open mind, however, that not all the facts are out, and many on Wall Street had billions and trillions of reasons to fear and loathe Monsieur Strauss-Kahn.


Fellow Socialists increasingly defended Strauss-Kahn, citing contradictions in the investigation, and pledged to stick to the campaign calendar.

"His close friends cannot believe that he is guilty," said Socialist politician and friend Jean Christophe Cambadelis.


"Perhaps this affair will unravel very quickly, if we learn that there is in the end no serious charge and that what was said by this woman was not true, and we all wish for this," former Socialist Party boss Francois Hollande said on Canal-Plus television. "To commit an act of such seriousness, this does not resemble the man I know."


Yup, it's all about the lying hotel maid. The socialist can do no wrong. He's a prince. He has a right to live like that because he does it all for the masses, some of whom he might occasionally rape.


CGW said...

He's guilty.
Did you know that the "socialist" was staying in a 10K per night room?

Dag said...

This is but one reason why I write so frequently about "neo-feudalism" and the fear I have that such people will return us all to the previous state of man as farm animal.

The welfare state is one of entitlement, i.e. one in which people with "titles" are outside the law. We had a revolution about that, and one thing that came of it is that all men are created equal. It means, all men are equal before the law, and that no man is born into a title, has no rights beyond another just because of a title, and is not above the same laws that all other men are subject to. It means, even now, that just because one is a French socialist big-wig that he has any right to rape our people and claim it's OK because he's more important than others due to his titles. Even the French figured out that part, roughly around 1789, as I recall from channelling my old friend Jean-Paul Marat, who just happens to be a spitting image of my own self.