Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rapist hops pad, tries for flies across pond.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund, was hauled off a plane in New York as he was trying to skip to France to outrun a hotel maid he tried to rape in his $3,000.00 per night room. He left in such a rush he forgot his cell phone and other things one might assume a big-shot like him would care to have with him. It turns out that this filthy rich socialist is being framed because he was on his way to becoming the president of France in an up-coming election. We should have known that the Americans were behind it all, and that this is a racist plot to put Marie le Pen in charge of Europe to attack brown people. So he tried to rape a hotel maid. It's all about socialism and the good he was doing for the world. I mean, just look at the truth below, this stunning expose from a commenter at the Guardian. This is as true as one can find. Must be. This is the voice of God. We are such fools to doubt.

16 May 2011 12:41AM

Of course it was a set up. He was going to announce this or next week that he was going to run for presidency. It was a crucial time. His opponent is the current president of France. This was a careful set up, except that it is clearly so suspicious to have something like this happening so close to a major political announcement.

They paid an employee to do the job. She had been at the hotel for 3 years. This has been carefully planned for the last few months. She got a large amount, no less than $50k.

The guy is taking a shower, 3 hours from his international flight to an important meeting on Monday in Europe. He gets off the shower and there is a woman in his room. He is semi-naked. She makes sexual comments and entices him. The fool falls for it. He is well-known for his sexual drive. His opponents know this well.

They kiss, etc. When they get more into it, she asks him to stop. He figures she is not being serious since she was the one who showed up and started it. He continues kissing her and she has a fit, starts fighting him and flies from the room. In the process, she makes sure to inflict some cuts on herself. She runs to some staff and tells that a man tried to rape her. She asks employees to call the police and to be taken to the hospital. They somehow know exactly that the guy is heading to the airport. His flight was at 4:40. At the same time all newspapers are alerted of it. It spreads so fast, as planned by powerful connections that planned the set up.

This woman needs to be investigated. Her cell phone, emails, etc. There will be trace one way or another.

In the meantime, the public is already condemning the guy, and the story - true or not - hurts his chances in the presidential campaign. He was the favorite according to the polls done a couple of weeks ago.

French politics at the lowest. If they get away with it, the sky is the limit for set ups on future politicians.

In the meantime, the IMF - which is a serious institution that has nothing to do with it - gets bad publicity.

Now we know. We should never deign to think for ourselves. We do such a bad job of it. How many, really, could have penetrated the truth as decisively as Raquel G.? Not one in a billion, I suspect. Socialists. They are fucking special. Even if you protest and fight against it.

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