Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Par 4 President Putz

Do you notice the creepy little gnome in the left side of the photo here? That's our president, just brought in from the golf course and told that the CIA and military had gone ahead and made an effort to kill Osama bin Laden. You can see how excited Obama is to be in charge of all this. It gets better. In fact, it gets good. Check out this four page linked story for some great insight into what our president is all about.

"White House Insider: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden"

Ulsterman in Issues, May 3, 2011

Q: You stated that President Obama was “overruled” by military/intelligence officials regarding the decision to send in military specialists into the Osama Bin Laden compound. Was that accurate?

A: I was told – in these exact terms, “we overruled him.” (Obama) I have since followed up and received further details on exactly what that meant, as well as the specifics of how Leon Panetta worked around the president’s “persistent hesitation to act.” There appears NOT to have been an outright overruling of any specific position by President Obama, simply because there was no specific position from the president to do so. President Obama was, in this case, as in all others, working as an absentee president.

This piece linked is very interesting as an insight into the eunuch in the White House. The leftard comments are revealing as well, along the lines of "Well, Obama can kill people too, you know. He's tough as a man sometimes." Obama was out playing golf as the initial stages of the Osama bin Laden hit were going down. President Putz.

Found through Tony Katz at Pajamas Media.


CGW said...

The American People can't be that stupid TWICE, can they?

God help us. We need a fighter, almost monstruous, in charge of the mohammedan problem. 1.2 billion takes a lot of planning.

Dag said...

It only takes a small number of fish if they can swim in the ocean of the people, as Chairman Mao writes in The Little Red Book.

Maybe I should quote someone else, but the idea is accurate enough.

USA_Admiral said...

Creepy little gnome is right. It looks photo shopped to me.

Dag said...

The photo is real, if we believe that CNN's video of the even is real:

CNN posted a video explaining the latest photo to go viral of President Obama with others, in the situation room watching the raid on Osama Bin Laden.

Read more: Obama Photo For The History Books http://kmle108.radio.com/2011/05/04/obama-photo-for-the-history-books/#ixzz1LQaB13pq