Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kellie Tranter holier than Dalai Lama

Below is some of the deepest wisdom I have ever encountered from a leftard. This is the take-away line from a longer piece, much of which is reproduced below. It's important that the whole world knows and understands that the lady who wrote the line below is holy and pure. She is a saint. She is far holier than the Dalai Lama. According to me, that doesn't add up to much. But it is something of an accomplishment to be holier than the Dalai Lama nonetheless. She did it.

"The US vigilantes may have killed bin Laden, but they haven’t helped to make the world a more peaceful or secure place. In fact, peace is about the only thing that has never been tried."

See? We are all evil and mindless drones working myopically to maintain the evil and corrupt capitalist system; and we wage wars against helpless brown people to satisfy ourselves with the crumbs fallen from the banquet tables of the fat cats. We hate brown people. We are morons. Only the writer as per above knows and is both intelligent and moral. Dalai Lama hates brown people, and that is why he writes the piece below. He is secretly in the pay of the multi-national oil companies. Only the leftard writer above (and further below) is moral and intelligent. And of course, those who believe as she does know that the Dalai Lama is a capitalist pig. This is what Dali Lama Hitler says:

THE US may have been justified in killing Usama bin Laden, the Dalai Lama said late Tuesday, in a rare turn away from the spiritual guru's typical message of peace and compassion.

Speaking Tuesday night at the University of Southern California, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader said the al Qaeda chief, responsible for the deaths of thousands, likely deserved his fate.

"In the case of Bin Laden, his action was of course destructive and the September 11 events killed thousands of people. So his action must be brought to justice," the Dalai Lama said, according to a summary of his remarks posted on his website.

"If something is serious and it is necessary to take counter-measures, you have to take counter-measures" he was quoted as saying - a surprising message from a man known across the planet as a harbinger of compassion.

And while bin Laden may have deserved forgiveness, that "did not mean that one should forget what has been done," the Dalai Lama said.

Here the Dalai Lama and everyone not as spiritually pure as Kellie Tranter, lawyer and writer, gets to know just how racist and evil they are. Chances are, you are part of the problem. You just might think killing Osama bin Laden was a good thing. But we all know from Bishop Berkeley and Schopenhauer that the world is illusion and that we should be aware of the Tranterverse of perfect peace. World is Will, and you all have bad thoughts, which is why the world is mean. Shame on you.

Has Osama bin Laden’s death justified the means?

3 May 2011


Kellie Tranter

Kellie Tranter

Osama bin Laden has been killed. The US got its man, just as George Bush vowed it would. So is the frenzy of war that grew from 9/11 over? Certainly not.

The only thing that is, are the lame jokes about Osama bin Laden hiding in the kitchen pantry.

The public celebrations in the West Bank after the awful events of September 11 that appalled us in the West seem somehow eerily mirrored in the celebrations we are now witnessing at the White House. Pick the difference! It’s reminiscent of celebrating fans after a football victory. And it suggests we are locked in an ongoing war of retribution: we must bomb or be bombed, we must kill or be killed.

Nothing can excuse or justify any act of terrorism, but when leaders of any nation - particularly our own - applaud the state-legitimised murder of any person and call it justice, I can’t help but feel it makes us all a little less human.


In the ten years it took the US to hunt down and kill bin Laden, what have we gained in terms of understanding both ourselves and “the enemy” and advancing the interests of humanity as a whole?


Isn’t this anti-American sentiment marinated in religion? Isn’t it the converse of what the White House spins, with implicit moralising more than explicit evangelism, in its justification for using its war machine to spread freedom and democracy? If so it’s dangerously na├»ve for political leaders in this country join the celebrations and suggest that things will end well.


Because you can’t kill an ideology by bombing people and assassinating their leaders.


As little as the gap between rich and poor in the world was the cause of the murderous attack on September 11, all the more are the attacks against Afghanistan deepening this gap and thereby multiplying reasons to hate the West and its civilisation….With every bomb that falls and every western soldier who kills on Afghan soil, the rich part of this world closes its eyes to the suffering of the peoples in the south…With its offensive the West is not only undermining the idea of a collective legal effort to counteract terror, but is also betraying its own principles.

In the final analysis this undeclared war is no longer being waged to combat terrorism but rather to preserve a reputation of military invincibility.

Finally, with every day that war is waged there and with every new security law passed here (in the western world), that very freedom which is supposedly being defended is threatened and those refugees, who are the products of this military action and its consequences are marginalised. On September 11, not only did thousands of people suffer an agonising death, but even western civilisation suffered a defeat.

Those murdered in the attack will not be restored to life through the war against the Taliban. With every day of war the risk of a still greater moral and political disaster increases. It is still possible to learn from the failures experienced up to now. There is still a chance to return to negotiations and to reach a political solution which attempts to re-establish a legal order and to provide for justice and social equality in Afghanistan and in the world.”


Exactly what “terrorism” are we taking a collective stand against? Who’s taking that collective stand, what does it look like, and can we trust the motives of the collective actors? Has Osama bin Laden’s death justified the means? The cluster bombs, the depleted uranium, the drones, the killing of innocent men, women and children, the illegal invasions of sovereign nations, the devastating environmental and human destruction.


The US vigilantes may have killed bin Laden, but they haven’t helped to make the world a more peaceful or secure place. In fact, peace is about the only thing that has never been tried.

Kellie Tranter is a lawyer and writer.

Well, according to me that was so stupid the woman should be included in the next sack of unwanted kittens going to the river. There is little we can do about such insipid people articulating moral idiocy. I could get Stalinesque in my dreams, if I had any. I would love to destroy such people till the waters run clear again because they is no more blood to shed. But it's late in the night and my mind is wandering. I don't ever, though, even in the morning on a clear blue day indulge in such maudlin and filthy sentimentality for the sake of showing off for my friends. But, for some, this is the high-point of living. Too show off and inflate the Moral to the point it is all air and gas, that is the best of them and their deepest soul. This kind of shameless sentimentality and moral over-reach is applauded today among the sick people of the Left. They like it. They will probably find a way to forget that Dalai Lama made his public mis-step, and when he giggles like a girl and stammers shyly they will applaud him like they do Tranter today.

A sickness in the Modern world. Sentimentality run wild and howling like a beast. It needs to be put down. It is as bad or worse than bin Laden himself. Sick fucks like Tranter are the real problem in our world today.


CGW said...

There will be peace when all mohammedans are ashes.

Dag said...

No, then we'll have to move on to narco-terrorists. There is no end to evil. But our struggle is with our own understanding of the Moral. Until we come to terms with it legitimately, rather than as the Left has done, corrupting the moral of everything, we will stand a fair chance of slipping back into a feudalist life of man as farm animals. It means free men will fight for freedom and win or they will be outlaws, hunted and killed by worried peasants currying favour with their over-lords. Nothing much ever changes.

Meanwhile, our struggle against Islam is front and centre. Yes, it's a war we must win. Will we? Most people really hate freedom. It will be a small group who will ever fight for it.

CGW said...

Navy Seal Team VI. I just love the Seals. They help exemplify the Might of America.