Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Terry Jones press release w/ videos

Terry Jones was back in Dearborn, Michigan, and below he gives some details, including video links, showing what he encountered. Judge for yourself, of course.

News from Dr Terry Jones and Stand Up America Now!

The events in Dearborn the last weeks have opened the eyes of the nation to the threat of Islamic control here in America.


On April 29th we came back and protested at the Dearborn City Hall, one of the "Free Speech Zones." We protested against out trial and the charges brought against us, against the Free Speech Zones, and the Peace Bond. We also spoke in support of the US Constitution, especially the importance of the First and Second Amendments.

There were approximately 125 supporters, many local supporters from Dearborn and other parts of Michigan, and some who drove from as far away as Chicago, New York and Florida. There were hundreds of counter protesters across the street. I spoke on the First Amendment, and the Constitution. My Assistant Wayne Sapp also spoke about radical Islam and the cowardliness of the Church. (Watch these speeches in the videos below.) As we spoke, the counter protesters shouted obscenities, threw shoes and bottles toward myself, Wayne Sapp and our supporters.

I carried my microphone and walked from the podium down to the barricades on our side of the street inviting everyone on both sides of the street to join me as I recited the Pledge of Allegiance. As I approached the barricades, approximately 300 counter protesters broke through their barricades crossing the street with moving traffic, attempting to attack me and our supporters.

Police immediately worked to push the counter protesters back, at the same time calling the Riot Police to the scene. Police were eventually able to get the counter protesters under control. I was escorted back to the podium where I finished my speech as planned.

We did some filming of the event. The raw video is posted on our Youtube channel, StandUpAmericaNow.

Here are the links to those videos:

VIDEO: Dr. Terry Jones PROTEST in front of Dearborn City Hall, Part I

VIDEO: Dr. Terry Jones PROTEST in front of Dearborn City Hall, Part II

VIDEO: Dr. Terry Jones PROTEST in front of Dearborn City Hall, Part III

VIDEO: Dr. Terry Jones PROTEST in front of Dearborn City Hall, FINAL Part IV

Here are links to some of Fox 2 Detroit and ABC Detroit's coverage:

Fox 2: Jury to decide on Pastor Terry Jones' Planned Mosque Protest

Fox 2: Pastor Terry Jones protest gets underway in Daerborn

ABC Detroit: Thomas More Law Center files appeal for Pastor Terry Jones

We will be back in Dearborn soon, protesting at the Islamic Center of America.


This Sunday, May 8th, we will hold our first Texas Rally, in Amarillo TX, 3-6pm. ...

If you would like more information about this event, then please visit our web site Stand Up America Now! TEXAS RALLY

Dr Terry Jones, Founder and President of Stand Up America Now

Email: info@standupamericanow.org


CGW said...

mohammedans are savages, as this once again proves. We simply cannot allow this violence and the denial of freedom of speech and assembly to Dr. Jones. I have every confidence that the tragic, unconstitutional events surrounding his first appearance in Dearborn, a true travesty of Justice, will be overturned by a higher court.

Dag said...

We have some power as citizens to decide who the judges are who decide. But it's weakening, being taken over by dhimmis on the Left. I call them Left dhimmi fascists. They amplify our problems with Islam to a volume that sounds like 9-11.

CGW said...

I'm so glad that the Thomas Moore Law Center is involved. They have a great track record in these matters.

Dag said...

They are good, both at their work and as social activists on the right side of Human rights.