Sunday, May 01, 2011

Obama lin Biden News Plop

Obama will be blaming Terry Jones for the up-coming Islam volcano of rage over the killing of bin Laden. The Left generally will blame Bush, Sarah Palin, and Scott Walker. It is rumoured that Donald Trump is demanding the long version of the bin Laden death certificate.

Kafir Kanuck was at the press conference and got a photo. All is well.

I'd be curious to get a sense of the mood of most in Dearborn, Michigan this evening.


Steve Miller, Writer of Stuff said...

In Dearborn? Probably lots of wailing and tearing of hair.

Dag said...

I wonder what kind of reaction Terry Jones would get there today. I didn't post anything about it but there was a mini riot on Friday when he put out his palm and approached a hostile crowd to ask them to recite with him the Pledge of Allegiance. The crowd went a bit nuts on him, and the police arrested some for throwing things and looking like they were going to do him some harm. I wonder if today they'd stay home and pout or if they would really lose it in grief over the death of bin Laden.

CGW said...

The big clue is that they were throwing shoes at him. Now who does that?

Dag said...

Who throws shoes? As someone pointed out recently, it would be the people from the culture that can't rise to the challenge of shoe laces. No wonder the shoes come off so fast.