Saturday, April 23, 2011

Twilight of the Obamulus

The Swiss-Kenyan msm playwright Friedrich Götzen-Dürrenmatt wrote Ombamulus der Große (Obamulus the Great, 1950/2010-11) about our president so clearly and post-modernistically that one is astounded, and I think we are all suitably impressed by the effort. We see in such artistically fashioned drama our world-weary leader watching the invasion of our nation and its impending doom, and we see how it has little or no impact on him: because it is time for the great Ameroman Empire to collapse anyway, it being such a mean place and so harmful to the world at large, to whales and offshore birds and stuff and trees. One might well swoon as Obamulus raises organic chickens while the Islamic vandals smash our rotten nation and its Constitution, which latter is over 100 years old. Obamulus is great. He is a sort of god, watching all this destruction and doing absolutely fuck-all to stop it-- because it should fall down. How grateful we are, Obamulus. You are so wise. We are so racist. Thank you for letting us drown.

And thank you Götzen-Dürrenmatt for creating this timeless master(whatever)

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