Friday, April 22, 2011

Terry Jones meets State obstructions on Lenin's birthday

Terry Jones, Qur'an burning pastor from Florida, is going to be out on the green sometime today in Dearborn, Michigan to demonstrate for American freedom. He's dealing with some State-constructed obstacles.

Demonstration Against Sharia and Jihad

On Friday, April 22, 2011 from 5pm to 8pm

In front of America's Largest Mosque:
The Islamic Center of America
19500 Ford Road, Dearborn, MI

The STAND UP AMERICA NOW! DEMONSTRATION WILL BE LOCATED directly south of the Islamic Center, on the public grassy area between Altar Road and Ford Road

Here is the press release:

Today is our second day in court concerning our permit to protest, to exercise our First Amendment Rights.

We expressed very clearly yesterday, and will express this morning, that these prolonged court proceedings is a further attempt to try to stop us from exercising our First Amendment Rights.

They were, of course, not able to stop us by denying us the permit. They were not able to stop us by trying to institute some type of a "peace bond".

Now, the tactics are to prolong the court proceedings in order to somehow stop us from our planned protest.

This is State intimidation of citizens in favour of a select and approved in-group, i.e. Muslims in Dearborn, over Americans per se. It is wrong and anti-American to treat Jones this way. Like him or not, this is just dead wrong. Permit or no permit, I am cheering Jones' demonstration.

Seeing a man standing up to Red fascism in Dearborn is a good thing. Go, Jones.

And yes, things have changed since I was a church-goer. Then, some while ago, it must be, I, and all other men and boys, wore suits and ties. What doesn't change, one thing that never goes out of style, is our struggle for freedom. For that one sometimes has to dress down a bit. Or a lot....

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